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Microsoft DevOps at Kin + Carta

Microsoft certified Solution Partner

About the solution

Kin + Carta’s Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps consultants can help design your optimal DevOps business solution – on premise, in the cloud, or both. 
We can work with you to build the DevOps architecture designed for your specific needs, for example:

  • Software organisations needing to scale while maintaining a high quality of service 
  • IT decision-makers considering a move to Azure DevOps.

Increase developer agility and the speed of operations by giving your entire dev team the ability to quickly turn company vision and goals into expedited and improved products. Discover how to develop faster, deploy continuously, and secure your software with Azure DevOps and Github.

We have extensive experience in our DevOps Practice which provides maturity assessments, training and enablement utilising Microsoft’s rich set of tooling and frameworks.

The right service for you

We provide a range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs. But what do you actually need? Some of the most common scenarios are:

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Our tech partners

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DevOps culture

When transitioning to a DevOps culture, organisations must change their:

  • traditional methods of operating
  • mindset.

Generally, in a DevOps culture, both development and operations teams work collaboratively through frequent communication, breaking down traditional silos.

In some organisations, DevOps engineers may do both development and operations work. They always share the responsibilities with other teams, considering the entire development lifecycle. These engineers aim to increase the productivity and the quality of service to deliver the maximum value to their customers.

DevOps practices

Of course, DevOps isn’t only about communication and collaboration. DevOps best practices are aimed at helping you release software frequently, securely, and with the highest quality. Prioritising high efficiency, DevOps encourages the widespread use of automation tools to replace complex and error-prone manual tasks.

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