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cloud scale analytics

Power up your enterprise with cloud-scale analytics

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Navigating data complexity

Enterprises are grappling with how to manage large data volumes and optimize data management and analytics processes. Traditional approaches can no longer keep pace with the increasing complexity of data sources and the need for real-time insights - and there’s a lot of uncertainty about how to scale without increasing complexity.

The issues aren’t necessarily about the data itself; they relate more to what’s happening around the data:

  • No central view of data assets, their location, ownership, meaning or value
  • Lack of detailed documentation about the data contained within various platforms
  • Inability to achieve compliance with industry standards, regulations or laws
  • Limited understanding of data quality, and the impact of poor data quality on operational processes and business decisions

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Our solution

A no-cost, 20-minute cloud-scale analytics discovery call.

Our experts are ready to guide you in defining your goals and making smart decisions about cloud-scale analytics. In just 20 minutes, we’ll discuss your challenges and priorities, then see if our one-day Data Awareness Workshop is the practical next step.

Cloud-scale analytics provide seamless scaling, facilitate governance, and empower data scientists, engineers and business users to access and use these tools to drive efficiency, reduce costs, improve conversion and create a competitive edge.

Through our expertise in all things data, and as an award-winning Microsoft Partner, we help organizations like yours design modern Azure-based data foundations and ecosystems that support real-time analytics, machine learning and AI-driven insights. We have been working with Microsoft Fabric since it was in Preview and are uniquely equipped to determine if your organization can benefit from it.

Phases of engagement

Our Data Awareness Workshop is designed to help you explore how to modernize your approach to data management and transition to a cloud-scale analytics model that delivers new value opportunities.

cloud scale analytics discovery call


  • An understanding of how industry leaders are using data management and governance processes as a value accelerator
  • A data product canvas for one or more of your high-value data assets and a high-level roadmap detailing the action necessary to achieve the value outlined
  • An Azure blueprint that clearly describes how each component of the Azure Data Ecosystem can support your data product roadmap
  • An understanding of the different ways in which Kin + Carta can support the evolution of your data and your overall enterprise data maturity
  • An understanding of what ‘Product thinking’ or ‘Product Management’ means in relation to data and a step-by-step guide for how to establish an operating model that supports Data Products

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