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app of the future

Unlock AI-driven App Innovation 

20-minute discovery call

About our AI-Driven App Innovation Accelerator

The Challenge:

There’s a big push on for application innovation and, in particular, how to use large-scale AI technologies to create intelligent, modern apps. In fact, Gartner research shows that legacy application modernization is a top 10 priority for CIOs - and by 2025, AI will be the top category driving infrastructure decisions.

For many organizations, legacy apps combined with a lack of AI, data and DevOps skills are causing problems like these:

  • Slow time-to-market and stalled releases
  • Unclear AI strategies and poor investment decisions
  • Substandard data foundations and inability to draw deep insights from dat
  • Large technical debt loads and high carbon footprints

How do you figure out which AI-driven application modernization initiatives to prioritize and how to use AI for the greatest transformational impact?

Our Solution:

A no-cost, 20-minute AI-Driven App Innovation discovery call.

At Kin + Carta, our experts are ready and waiting to guide you in defining your goals and making smart decisions about your digital future. In just 20 minutes, we’ll help you hone in on your priorities and see if our structured approach to using AI technologies for application modernization is a fit for your organization.

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Phases of Engagement:

During this 20 minute discovery call, we will consult with you about your current challenges, and determine if our App of the Future Accelerator - outlined below - is the most practical way to move your big ideas and business challenges into value.

app of the future workshop
Our App of the Future Accelerator is a prescriptive approach to application innovation.

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