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How Google's next generation Cloud Retail Search and Browse can lift revenue

Google Retail Search Evaluation

The challenge

Search quality on many retail sites is still far below the expectations we, as consumers, have. It’s all too often a frustrating experience. In fact, Google says 95% of customers have experienced disappointment with search on a retail website in the last 6 months. Most search solutions today struggle with understanding user intent and contextual understanding. This can result in search abandonment, negatively impacts brand loyalty and results in billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Transform sub-optimal search into a rapid, data-driven approach to product discovery.

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Our solution

Retail search technology is changing, and with its new Cloud Retail Search (CRS) product, Google is now leading the way. With a fully managed, rules-free, global SaaS platform and a deep understanding of retailer data and site interactions, Google CRS is able to deliver query understanding and results relevancy that not only delight your customers - they also drive key performance metrics for your business.

Kin + Carta is able to rapidly demonstrate the power of Cloud Retail Search and its potential impact on your business. In just a few weeks, our search team can ingest your product catalogue and events data, then evaluate CRS against your existing search experience.

Organizations will benefit from:

A tailored, 3-step evaluation & implementation approach that allows to quickly assess the potential and ROI of Cloud Retail Search with minimal cost.

State-of-the-art search and relevancy for your customers and automation for your merchandisers. All from the power of Google's AI, configurable to meet your needs.

Professional services with proven retail vertical expertise, Search engineering, optimisation & deep managed services capabilities

Customer results (on average)

+12% CTR Lift
+7% CVR Lift
+6% RPV Lift
+15% ROI Lift

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