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Kin + Carta named in Forrester's IT Sustainability Services Landscape, Q2 2023

Kin + Carta named in Forrester's IT Sustainability Services Landscape Report, Q2 2023

We’re proud to share that Kin + Carta has been named in the Forrester IT Sustainability Services Landscape, Q2 2023 report. 

Forrester defines IT sustainability services as services related to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction exclusively in the enterprise IT stack, covering IT in the workplace, IT development, and IT infrastructure. The report provides an overview of 25 IT sustainability service providers. 

“It's so encouraging to see the growing demand for tech and data-enabled sustainability services,” said Paul Hunter, Global Sustainability Manager at Kin + Carta. “We're thrilled to be a leader in this movement, partnering with the world's most prominent organizations to harness the power of data to build more efficient enterprises that have reduced impact on our environment.” 

Leveraging its data expertise, Kin + Carta empowers organizations to achieve a diverse set of sustainable business objectives. The firm’s proficiency spans the creation of tech-integrated net-zero strategies in the public domain, enhancing digital operational efficiencies, and collaborating with Microsoft to facilitate corporate greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reduction using Microsoft Sustainability Manager. As a certified B Corporation, Kin + Carta combines exceptional skill and unwavering commitment to deliver outstanding results in the technology and data-driven sustainability sphere. 

“It is an honor to see Kin + Carta included in this landscape report," said Hunter. "In our opinion, this recognition showcases our dedication to using our business as a force for good and highlights our ongoing investment in values-driven innovation.”

Read Forrester’s landscape report here (must purchase or be a Forrester client to access).

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