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Kin + Carta acquires AI solution Octain

Kin + Carta acquires AI solution Octain

Today, Kin + Carta announced the intellectual property acquisition of Octain, a cloud-based, automated machine learning platform.

This investment furthers Kin + Carta’s data and AI service line capabilities to build predictive, explainable models for clients that will accelerate data-driven decision making and digital transformation outcomes. 
Octain enables users to build and iterate predictive, explainable models. As a result of incorporating Octain into Kin + Carta’s existing solution set, which includes the December 2020 acquisition of Portland-based data science company Cascade Data Labs, the consultancy gains the ability to quickly and accurately predict supply chain shortages, detect fraud, measure customer retention, and related capabilities for client projects, significantly improving overall time to value for clients.

Historically, unlocking the value of data with AI has been complicated. In working with major U.S. and international enterprises, transparent and explainable AI has led to more ethical and equitable uses of AI. Early use of Octain has demonstrated its potential in attracting new clients and decreasing the time to deploy AI models from months to minutes.
Cameron Turner, Creator of Octain and VP of Data Science at Kin + Carta

“We’ve seen an increasing opportunity in all industries for the role of AI automation and data democratization,” said Kelly Manthey, group chief executive for Kin + Carta Americas. “Octain supports our mission to build a world that works better for everyone through sustainable digital transformation. With the combination of our talent and state-of-the-art technology, we expect exponential growth at Kin + Carta.”

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