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Investing in digital sustainability

Discover the key steps

Sustainable Digital Transformation (SDX) has never been needed more. Companies need to take on the mantle of planet stewardship and drive the environmental conversation. Fine words will no longer suffice. Now is the time for urgent iteration, testing, and application.

What is SDX and how can businesses strike a balance between the benefits and impacts of digital innovation? Can you please shareholders and customers while protecting the planet? 

Hear from industry experts to find out how to take the first step in aligning your digital ambitions with your sustainability goals. Practical advice borne from frontline experience, it’s a vital read for any business that wants to survive the tide of popular opinion and undeniable science.

Discover the 5 steps of sustainable business transformation.

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Is 'going digital' the same as 'going green'?

2021 was the year when the world really started to get serious about the environment. A UN report highlighted the increasing and irreversible impacts of climate change, many businesses started their journey to net-zero and COP26 has been seen as a last chance for governments to act now to save our future.

Meanwhile, digital transformation has been bumped to the top of the business agenda as the pandemic significantly increased the uptake of digital solutions. At 3.7%, the digital sector now contributes the same level of CO2 emissions as the aviation industry. This fact has mostly flown under the radar but it’s only a matter of time before the issue heads front and centre.  

But does sustainability really need to clash with digital transformation at the top of the agenda? There is a solution where both can be addressed for the benefit of both profit and planet. Find out more in the whitepaper and get in touch if our experts can help you on your journey.