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Designing with Empathy

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Are you Designing with Empathy to include everyone?

Inclusivity is not merely a box-ticking exercise for organisations that want to be seen as ethical. It’s a commercial opportunity and a legal necessity for those that want to become sustainable and profitable in business. 

It’s a mutual journey towards a fairer and more fruitful future for all because it means intentionally including everyone in digital experiences and not inadvertently (and unlawfully) excluding up to a fifth of the world’s population because of poor design. 

At Kin + Carta, we live and breathe this ethos of Designing with Empathy (DwE) and it’s how we’re making the world work better for everyone. We know that inclusionary thinking paves the path to progress and profitability - and this is only the beginning.

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Why accessibility matters to your business

If you’re an inaccessible business, you’re potentially excluding a huge global market, causing damage to your brand and alienating existing and prospective talent.

According to a recent Forrester report 47% of millennials – soon to be the largest group in the workforce – consider diversity and inclusion a key decision maker in their choices to apply for a role.

Inclusive design with Kin + Carta

You don’t have to be an expert to be an advocate. You can leave the expertise to us.

We can help you become legally compliant, commercially viable and ethically aligned with the expectations of your customer base and talent pool. Our practical three-phase approach to inclusive design develops a solid foundation for you to plan and move forward with your journey towards equal access for all.


We’ll ensure your digital estate isn’t putting you at risk of litigation, identify missing best practices and prioritise your essential needs to set out your accessibility stall and immerse your business in its DwE endeavour.


We’ll go beyond accessibility and into inclusivity by applying real-world, lived experiences and insights to mapping and modelling across your products and services.


We’ll help you become the leader in your sector with new, inclusionary initiatives that set you apart from the competition, giving previously excluded people every reason to choose to engage with you over anyone else.

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