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The debut of Optimizely One, the world’s first operating system for marketing

Anyone in the digital experience industry knows that content is what drives customers to make decisions to buy, recommend and convert. Optimizely smartly realized that many content management systems represent only the last step of the content development lifecycle: delivery.

At the show, Optimizely introduced Optimizely One, what they term as the world’s first operating system for marketing. 

5 people on the stage smiling with Optimizely logo behind them

Content Marketing Platform + Content Management System = Optimizely One

Optimizely One couples the company’s Content Marketing Platform (CMP) with its well-respected Content Management System (CMS) to offer a platform that addresses all aspects of content creation. Optimizely One offers specific capabilities for content authors to plan, create, store, globalize, layout, deliver, personalize, experiment and analyze any kind of content, all on one interface.
5 people on the stage smiling with Optimizely logo behind them

Powered by and fully integrated with OpalAi, including Gen AI capabilities

The Opticon show also saw a huge announcement around the introduction of a new form of AI to help drive, automate and scale digital experiences. Optimizely’s AI is called Opal and consists of a variety of ways to help content creators. While Optimizely has long had AI-driven features like content / product recommendations and stats accelerators, it also demonstrated the evolution of Opal, to include Generative AI capabilities. 

Opal now allows authors to create content from scratch using GenAI functions. This extends to image creation, tagging, automated content translations and much more. Taken together, Opal represents the most powerful set of AI capabilities in any digital experience platform. Best of all, Opal is fully integrated with the Optimizely One platform and requires no custom integration points, extra development work or connectors. It just works, easily helping content creators deliver faster than ever before. 
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Optimizely One available in a variety of composable delivery models

The announcements didn’t end there, however. Optimizely has been closely monitoring the MACH, or composable space and understands that some customers are interested in exploring less integrated offerings, agility, and a componentized approach to their digital experience portfolios. To address these concerns, Optimizely announced the availability of a SaaS-based version of their CMP + CMS packages, coupled with an expanded Graph interface that allows MACH developers to include these powerful capabilities as part of their larger builds.  Even more excitingly, Optimizely indicated that they will be approaching the world of commerce in a similar fashion in the near term future.

Taken collectively, Optimizely has demonstrated significant progress and evolution of the entire platform. At Kin + Carta, we’ve long believed that Optimizely represents one of the best values for the buck and that belief is all that much more elevated thanks to the incredible new advances shown in San Diego this week. Contact Kin + Carta’s MACH team today.

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