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Get Started with MACH: Avoiding Headless Heartache

Kerrigan Baron
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So you want to build with MACH? There are a lot of companies switching to composable architecture especially in the enterprise space. We are witnessing a holistic shift in technology leading many through full digital transformation of their business practices. Having launched many of these we have learned a thing, or two, or twenty. All allowing us to define best practices along the way. Let’s break down some high level considerations, recommendations and gotchas to avoid.

Focus on customer experience first.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? All too often companies fall into the trap of picking the technology they want and then making a user experience from that technology. My recommendation is to flip the script. Start with the ideal customer journeys and then select the technologies to make those happen. Approaching MACH using customer journeys enables decisioning based on those documented factors as weights to evaluate potential composable technologies. Framing the technology decisions with this lens will lead to customer-centric intelligent experiences.

Avoid boiling the ocean.

MACH is modular, enabling a building block approach toward product creation. Focusing on a high ROI customer journey implementation out of the gate is a great first step toward creating that ideal experience; making the shift to MACH a lot easier, both on the wallet and employee adoption. We highly recommend starting with an MVP approach by launching, testing, and adapting to the insights which ultimately leads to a data-driven roadmap that adapts to the market needs while moving toward the holistic vision.

Create consistent, clear content.

Building a data-driven roadmap informed by the ideal journey is only as strong as the content developed for that experience. When examining the content models, I like to think of two factors; consistency and clarity. The content provided for a customer journey should be consistent regardless of device type, app usage, portal sign-in, or any other method of marketing. Having clear, direct CTAs targeted toward the specific audience types is very important to driving a timely action. This is where headless best practices of content reuse and content personalization really shine. Keeping a clear, consistent content message throughout the full product experience is the best way to transform customers from anonymous to advocate.

Don't be shy; ask the experts!

The rapid evolution of MACH means there is not a large pool of experienced talent available to bring the solution in-house immediately. However, the underlying technologies of React.js, Next.js, or Gatsby.js running on APIs are not groundbreaking. The experience gap is in successful implementation of enterprise solutions. This is where an implementation partner like Kin + Carta steps in with our knowledge. We have the trained talent and thought leadership to guide you through those tough decisions while educating your teams for holistic adoption into composable architecture.

Let us help you brainstorm and identify the best way for your organization to get started with MACH. We encourage you to reach out and start a conversation with one of our composable experts.

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