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8 things I loved about Kin + Carta: Alumni reflect

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Picture this

Imagine you’re grabbing coffee at your favorite local shop. You’re just about to sit down to enjoy your latte when you look to the table across the way and see a familiar face, an old friend or employer – Kin + Carta to be precise.

You get to chatting about the old days. The clients you worked with, the colleagues you laughed with and the lessons you learned along the way. The talk then turns to the things you really loved about your time with Kin + Carta

Well, we didn’t bump into our alumni at a coffee shop but we did ask them to share the things they really loved about Kin + Carta. Below we’ve listed the top eight themes shared - all quotes are verbatim.

I loved...

1) The people

This was an overwhelming response, and we agree - it is the people that truly make Kin + Carta. Alumni noted, “There were some great teammates”, “The collaborative and supportive environment” and “The people/community and scrappiness!” were most loved.

2) The network that I built

Not only have many of us made friends for life at Kin + Carta, but we’ve invested in our long term careers by having talented, high-achieving folk on our side whenever we might need them. As one contributor said, “Over my time at K+C, I built such strong bonds with my peers and leaders. I left with great friendships and a strong network of folks that I believe will always support and cheer one another on.”

3) The work

Big brands, challenging projects and deeply satisfying results. Many of our alumni look back with fondness at work that has honed their skills and provided experiences that have been invaluable ever since. “Great people and dynamic client opportunities,” as one person summed it up.

4) The leadership 

Not everyone looks back on their old bosses with fondness but at Kin + Carta, there seems to be a mutual appreciation that our bosses were more like mentors looking out for our interests and supporting us where they could. “Servant leadership permeates through the people and culture at Kin + Carta, and it makes it an incredible place to work,” said one alum.

5) The way we worked

One alum noted an enjoyment of “the fast pace, agile approach, and how much I learned/grew in my career. I appreciated the opportunity to at least be exposed to agile product development theories.” Once you go agile, you never go back. We believe Kin + Carta is a place where things get done, blockers are unblocked and we all learn a better way of working.

6) The opportunities

Who wants to be put in a box and expected to stay there throughout their career? Many remember being able to explore new avenues, work with different people and do things they never considered before. One alum noted an appreciation for “having the ability to touch every area." Another said, “It's an amazing place to build a career."

7) The journey

The excitement of being part of something new and something big gets us all out of bed in the morning. Many of our alumni were there as we evolved into the thriving global consultancy we’ve become today. As one said, “The company has grown a ton since I started. If it's the right place for you, you will absolutely thrive there.”

8) The Alumni Network

“We get to stay in touch, support one another and remind each other of what we all had together.” We couldn't agree more. We love being able to keep in touch with our alumni, investing in continued relationships based on a shared groundwork.  

Know someone who might love to work at Kin + Carta? Send them our way. And if you ever did think about rekindling an old friendship, then let’s grab a coffee. As we say, once a Kin, always a Kin.

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