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For the past year I’ve sat within Kin + Carta’s Talent Development (TD) team, the group dedicated to maximizing the performance, growth, and engagement of our employees (or Kin as we call ourselves!) That’s been a year of collaborating on our bi-annual performance cycle, enhancing the onboarding experience for new Kin, and even creating and delivering soft skills training across our Platforms. Everything has been incredible to work on as a part of TD, as we collaborate with individuals from every corner of Kin + Carta to create the most engaging learning experiences for our Kin.

However, this past year we did something we had never done before. We stood up a differentiated learning program for a small group of emerging leaders, and it was fantastic. Kin + Carta’s first annual Leadership Accelerator Program was launched by-way of 27 Kin who made their way to Bogota, Colombia from across the world.

What’s the Leadership Accelerator Program, you’re wondering? It’s a high-potential leaders program for all. After analyzing the leadership programs we had stood up over the past few years, we realized that there was a need to accelerate those who make a massive impact across our Kin + Carta community. We needed to build a program that was for everybody — underrepresented and majority Kin, alike. So, we created the Leadership Accelerator Program, or LAP as it’s been endearingly referred to as. The program provided deep dives into inner leadership, making direct impact, and cultural influence. It even had within it exclusive modules for individuals who are a part of an underrepresented group at our firm.

The best part was that this program was facilitated in-person near our office space in Bogota. So 27 employees from across the world flew to Colombia for one week to see and experience first hand the amazing talent in our newest and fastest growing office. Their day-job with Kin + Carta was covered so that they could nurture and develop as a leader, align themselves more closely to our firm values of courage, compassion and connection, and, most importantly, create relationships with the peer network of Kin + Carta leaders.

Here’s what some of them had to say about it:

I learned a lot about myself and how to lead others in a very supportive way that helps all of us work together better.
I feel I have learned a lot that I can take away and apply immediately or in the future.
An extremely valuable experience. The material covered was great. However, the relationships created will provide even more value over time.

And here, pictured, is the whole group:

Picture of six employees sitting and talking around a table

A highlight for me was seeing everyone do and show their best to learn, develop, and to truly connect with each other. It was inspiring to see them arrive as individuals and watch them quickly develop into a very committed and supportive group. 

For the past four years, Kin + Carta’s been recognized for the training programs offered to our Kin. However, this program did feel wildly different. Maybe it was because we were all together, in-person, from across the world after a few years of being physically separated? Maybe it was the intentional space created for leveraging everyone's potential? Or, maybe it was simply all of it. 

It was so much fun to be involved in the planning, coordination and execution of this training. Then, seeing it come to life right before my eyes was something I’ll never forget. I am already counting down until the next Leadership Accelerator Program!

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