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GitHub Universe 2022 recap

Scott Hermes
github recap 2022

DevOps! DevOps! DevOps!

GitHub Universe 2022 took place last month and in case you missed it, all of the recorded sessions are available online. Also, be sure to check out my highlights and takeaways from the event below.

GitHub keynote

It is always good to watch the keynote to get an idea of the big announcements. CEO Thomas Domke led it off by stating that Github’s mission was to make developers happy: “Developers do their best work when they can actually enjoy the work they want to do.” Wait. Code monkeys have feelings?


If you haven’t checked out Copilot, now is the time to start. Copilot is Github’s AI that helps you write code. You can get a 60-day free trial for Copilot and after that is $10 per month. Copilot for Business is coming on December 22nd for organizations that want to adopt it. According to GitHub, it can help you write up to 40% of your code. That is great news for me since I am very lazy and a slow typist. Get to work Copilot!

They also showed off a really cool feature that is in beta that will allow you to talk to Copilot to do your coding. This is a boon to anyone who has to deal with any vision problems or physical limitations that make typing difficult. Check out these videos where they deep-dive into the features:

  1. A backstage pass with GitHub Copilot
  2. Level up with Copilot
github recap 2022


Codespaces is your dev environment in the cloud. Tired of installing a bunch of NPM packages that do god knows what besides filling up your hard drive because you need to review someone's code or want to check out a new project that sounds cool? Codespaces is for you! Now is a great time to take it for a spin. All Github users can now get 60 hours of free usage per month!

Get started with Codespaces. - a great look at Codespaces that also uses Copilot. You know it is a real demo because things go wrong, like not having the new Copilot voice recognition feature enabled and April Leonard just ends up just yelling things at her laptop. She quickly recovers, gets Copilot installed, and does a fantastic job showing off Codespaces.
github recap 2022

Push protection!

GitHub will already scan your repositories to let you know if you have accidentally pushed sensitive credentials into the cloud. Not that I have ever done this or anything but a friend of mine tells me it is a huge pain to remove those credentials from your commit history. Thank goodness we now have a way to prevent you from pushing the creds to begin with. My friend will be glad to know this.
github recap 2022

Wrap up!

The complete list of announcements is worth scrolling through and you can go ahead and try out new features as well.

I don’t know if you can make somebody else happy but these tools will certainly make developers' jobs easier.

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