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Why your business needs a mobile app

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Are you debating whether your company needs a mobile app? According to recent statistics, mobile devices account for 58% of all search traffic to websites hosted on the internet.

We are aware that creating an application is a serious undertaking that calls for a substantial amount of effort, but the benefits can be outstanding We have outlined four of the major advantages we are seeing with the implementation of mobile apps.

  1. Increased brand awareness

    While a well-built, adaptive website can be enough to maintain your business success, a mobile app is typically a quicker, easier, and more innovative way for users to interact with your business.

    Since users spend a big part of their day on their smartphones, a mobile application can allow you to remain authentic, while further advertising your business and reaching new audiences.

    Even if users don’t open your mobile application daily, they will still see your branded icon frequently on their home screens, creating impactful brand recognition.

  2. Meeting your customers where they are at

    Having an app for your business enhances the likelihood that you'll attract customers who depend on the convenience of mobile apps to fulfill their needs.

    You can count on a superior UX experience, different payment options, and customer referral capability to enhance the user experience. Let's not overlook notifications either. Reminding customers of your presence frequently can help you build engagement. They will see the difference in the way you interact with them setting your brand apart from the rest.

  3. Increased revenue due to better experiences

    The more time your customers spend on your application, the more likely they are to use your services. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people grew accustomed to spending more time online reading, attending seminars and conferences, and, most importantly, shopping.

    With the world used to having everything at their fingertips, this is a great opportunity to create a place where you can provide the most recent updates about your company, engage end-users, and actually convert them to buying your products or using your services.

  4. Retaining more customers with loyalty programs and continuous feedback

    With this newly engaged audience, you can easily offer exclusive deals, promotions, and loyalty programs to mobile app users only. Customers are far more inclined to return when they receive rewards for their purchases.

    Research shows that 84% of consumers are more likely to stick with a brand if they have a loyalty program, with the best loyalty programs boosting revenue by a staggering 15-25%.

    A mobile application can also help you receive valuable feedback from your customers. Surveys empower your customers to report errors or provide suggestions for improvements. When actioned on, this feedback will make your brand more attractive.

You can be sure that developing an app for your company will enhance brand recognition, revenue, customer retention, and set you apart from the competition. But most importantly, it can provide real value for your customers unleashing a sea full of opportunities.

At Kin + Carta, we can help you connect the power of data, experience and technology to create intelligent experiences that deliver tangible results.

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