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What #WorKinHybrid means at Kin + Carta

There is no denying that the world of work has changed and there have been new levels of flexibility required over the past few years. This has brought with it challenges and opportunities, alike. We at Kin + Carta, alongside many of our clients, have discovered that a flexible workplace introduces a myriad of benefits for the productivity and well-being of employees.

While that’s true, collectively a virtual workplace also puts our ability to connect with one another to the test. The power of in-person experiences and collaboration within a workplace culture and across the software delivery process just simply cannot be replaced.

Our commitment to hybrid work

At Kin + Carta, we’ve kept a focused eye on this as it relates to how we work, the ways we deliver, and the culture we want to be creating across our teams. Back in 2020, we defined a set of principles to determine how we’d commit to working in the future, a practice much like we do when kicking off a project for our clients.

Here’s where we landed: 

  • We believe that no matter where you’re working, you should feel included.
  • We believe that quality work can be delivered everywhere.
  • We believe in being thought leaders; in building digitally-enabled work environments.
  • We believe that in-person connection helps deepen relationships (across our firm and with our clients).

These global principles informed the creation of Kin + Carta’s hybrid work model, which ensures in-person experiences for when they matter most while also empowering our employees with flexibility. All balanced alongside a continued investment in culture and connection. 

Worker types have been created and embraced across our firm, aligning our Kin to either be a hybrid, virtual, or office-based worker. Worker types are determined by where an employee resides, ensuring that those who are considered hybrid live within a commutable distance from one of our offices or hubs.

Kin + Carta’s hybrid work model was defined to provide employees with the sustained flexibility they need to be successful in their role and to live a fulfilling life.

How this has impacted our work

As a consultancy, and one that prides itself on its ability to have a positive impact on our client's ways of working, we see our hybrid work model commitment as key to our continued growth and success. 

In-person experiences forge strong, mutually beneficial relationships between us and our clients. There may be times when ourselves and our clients agree that being together makes sense along the course of our work together — we’ll honor that. For example, when an in-person collaboration will benefit the team’s delivery process, or when a new project is kicking off we may get our client and Kin together in one of our offices.

We will continue to partner with each client to determine the in-person moments that matter most, while remaining in-line with our hybrid work commitment.

Providing flexibility, with direction

We seek to provide all Kin with clear direction and an ecosystem of support, which is why within our hybrid work model there are some limits established, like for specific roles which require an employee to be office-based (example: someone who works in our IT support function). 

And although flexibility is prioritized in our culture and our policies, a number of our Kin moving to another state, province or country may affect team dynamics. It’s because of this that relocation approval is monitored by an employee’s People Leader and our Employee Experience (HR) team. 

Our goal is to provide all Kin with clear yet flexible direction so that each individual feels supported by a structure that prioritizes their life and their future connections at work. We ensure that, while we’re hiring across Europe, Latin America, and the United States, all employees are aligned to an office for cultural ceremonies and rituals.

Our continued culture-first approach

As the future of work will continue to evolve, so will we. Across all regions Kin + Carta operates within, we will continue to iterate upon our hybrid work model and its approaches in response to employee feedback and what we’re hearing from our clients. But what we won’t lose track of is the commitment we’ve made to a strong, inclusive, and equitable culture. Our hybrid work model will continue to allow us to: 

  • Use our physical spaces for purposeful gatherings — like client meetings, team collaborations, community building and social events.
  • Invest in new co-working spaces that meet groups of employees wherever they are.

Should you consider a new, hybrid role?

We’d love for you to do so. At Kin + Carta, we are building a world that works better for everyone. And that ‘everyone’ begins with how we support and invest in the success and lives of our employees. We believe that our hybrid work model, the transformative cross-industry opportunities available and the benefits we offer all together make Kin + Carta a great place to invest in not only your career, but also yourself.

If you're ready to join-in, or are considering returning to Kin + Carta after cultivating new skills elsewhere, check out our job openings and see why Kin + Carta may be the best place for you.

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