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Your favorite Microsoft Inspire 2022 recap

Scott Hermes
Microsoft inspire 2022

Recap: Microsoft Inspire 2022

Welcome to your favorite Microsoft Inspire 2022 recap! How do I know this is your favorite? Because you are reading it now and I have a terrible understanding of aspirational thinking!

Microsoft Inspire is the yearly conference where Microsoft meets with its partners (such as Kin + Carta) to get us fired up about the upcoming fiscal year; to talk about how Microsoft is going to help us better understand, sell, and deliver Microsoft products, and to distribute secret Microsoft decoder rings and cheat codes such as the one that allows you to stop Windows 11 from installing over Windows 10 (EDITOR'S NOTE: There is no such cheat code).

While the bulk of Microsoft Inspire is Microsoft to Microsoft Partner communication, there were several Azure announcements that were made that are of interest to everyone.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability
Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty
Oracle DB Service for Azure

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and Sustainability Manager

The Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability empowers companies to track carbon emissions through a common data model and use that information via scorecards to allow them to report on and reduce those carbon emissions. Sustainability Manager automates the collection of the data that can be fed into the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability or any other reporting tool. Migrating to Azure can make your infrastructure "93 percent more energy efficient and as high as 98 percent more carbon efficient."

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability
Microsoft US Partner of the Year Award Winners

Oh yeah, also, Kin + Carta was named Microsoft US Partner of the Year as a Sustainability Changemaker. Wait. What!? Yes, it is true and absolutely a great honor. As a certified B-Corp, sustainability is central to all of our projects. It was fantastic to be recognized by Microsoft for our work in helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint on our way to our goal to save our clients 1,000,000 metric tons of CO2 by 2027.

Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

Microsoft inspire 2022

Sadly, this will not allow me to rule over the Seven Kingdoms.

It does allow public sector entities to use Azure while still meeting their security, compliance, and policy guidelines. This starts with a Sovereign Landing Zone which is an infrastructure and policy as code solution that will quickly set up infrastructure that conforms to that country's regulations. Customers who still want to have some of their applications and data on-prem can leverage policies created in Azure via Azure Arc.

Microsoft Cloud

Data Residency

Microsoft has over 60 Datacenters and over 100 compliance offerings that will allow public sector entities to meet their data residency, compliance, and audit needs. They will be able to support 35 countries' data residency requirements.

Sovereign Controls

Through Microsoft Confidential Computing, which uses specialized hardware to create isolated and encrypted memory, customer-owned encryption keys are confidentially and securely used to encrypt customer data. This can be leveraged without changing a line of code. This spans across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure.

Governance and Transparency

Microsoft will allow physical access to their data centers (under NDA) for those entities that need that for compliance. Customer Lockbox for Azure, M365, Power Platform and soon to be released for Dynamics 365, allows customers to approve or deny access to their data by Microsoft service operators.

Public sector entities have varied and region-specific needs that are not required for commercial companies. This offering will allow them to leverage the scalability, security, and speed to value of the cloud.

Azure and Oracle Unholy Alliance Shared Service Announcement

Microsoft Inspire 2022

As someone who lived through the endless database wars of the past century between SQL and Oracle, this is kind of mind-blowing to see these two long-time rivals collaborating to bring value to their clients who want to use both. We deal with Fortune 500 clients and many of them who are using Azure are also using Oracle and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Thanks to this joint agreement, you can access OCI through Azure as if it was any other Azure resource. You get a latency of 2 milliseconds or less when accessing OCI from Azure. And it is free! No charges for data ingress/egress from or to either cloud. You only pay your normal charges for using an Oracle DB on OCI. What is next? Linux for Windows? Oh right, that already happened.
Microsoft Inspire 2022

Finally, a really cool HoloLens/Microsoft Mesh demo. This is a great use case for Augmented Reality (AR); helping people on the factory floor get real-time and analytical information about the machines in front of them so they can make real-time decisions on the spot. This demo showed how HoloLens could display current and historical performance data for the machine in front of the user.

Microsoft Inspire 2022

I am not a big fan of avatars but it was very cool to see how you could use the Azure Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services Text to Speech to create an assistant that can tell how you could make changes to reduce energy consumption based on historical data.


Microsoft Inspire did what it was supposed to do: get me all fired up about helping our clients get the most from all of the many benefits that Azure has to offer to help your business scale, reduce costs and reduce your carbon footprint. And to seriously think about dressing in black more often.

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