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The importance of digital experiences is undeniable. The world has moved online and is demanding more in terms of seamless, personalised and enjoyable journeys. The quality of the experience you offer can be the difference between success and failure.

However, despite large investments in tech, many have hit a glass ceiling. Digital experiences are becoming very samey and the techniques adopted have reached their natural limit. The brands that are taking it to the next level all have something in common – intelligent experiences, powered by data.

Using data properly gives us the ability to truly personalise, continuously improve and experiment more freely to find the optimum experience for our customers and there is an abundance of data out there: unused, untapped and unorganised. The winners are the ones who are using it effectively.


The fundamental of the next level is an experience powered by data to break through the glass ceiling.
Mark Collin, Managing Director - Experience + Product, Kin + Carta Europe

Meet the leaders

The leaders in next level digital experiences have not achieved that position because of scale, legacy or simply hailing from Silicon Valley. It’s because of their focus on intelligence.

Google is the simplest and probably most obvious example of how an almost infinite world of data (the backstage) can be accessed via a very simple interface (the front stage).

With Netflix, every user, even those from the same household, can enjoy a different experience at the front stage. Go beyond the curtains to the backstage at Netflix and they’re carefully observing customer behaviour: what you’re watching and what time of day you're watching. Netflix is then using that information to actually build new, improved products.

Obviously not every business is a Google and Netflix, but the same principles can be applied for success: drive brilliant experiences that just get better and better using ‘event’ data provided by users.

Barriers to the intelligent

So what’s stopping so many from adopting this ‘powered by data’ approach? This was the subject of a recent roundtable we held at Google HQ, with leaders from major brands.

We asked them what areas of digital strategy they were focusing on to have the most business impact in the next 12-24 months? The top two priorities were building a single view of customer behaviour and getting the most out of their data.

Our discussion also asked the question, ‘if you could make one change or solve one problem overnight to transform the customer experience, what would it be?’. The answers led to five key takeaways for those considering data-led intelligent experiences but have yet to get started.

  • Take ownership - set the foundation for an intelligent mindset and get your stakeholders around a canvas and start mapping.

  • Think BIG. Start Small - drive value one thin ‘product’ slice at a time and gradually create experiences that your customers love.

  • Use data to identify your moments that matter - use it across your end-to-end journey to identify the things that matter to your customers.

  • Use technology to accelerate your journey - talk to your tech teams about the power of Cloud Compute and ML. Investigate event driven architectures.

  • Don’t settle for the status quo - or you WILL be left behind.

Don't get left behind

Kin + Carta has launched a new service to help businesses develop intelligent experiences. We’ll be covering some of the key points in the weeks ahead, but if you'd like an initial chat about the challenges and how to overcome them, get in touch with our Managing Director Mark Collin.

Together we can take your powered by data experiences to the next level.

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