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Contentstack and Microsoft Azure: A brighter future for content in the Cloud

Contentstack and Microsoft Azure

Businesses pursuing agility and efficiency in content delivery can now embrace all the benefits of a MACH approach on a Cloud provider of their choice.

The leading agile CMS, Contentstack, is newly available on the world’s second-largest Cloud provider, Microsoft Azure—a move that further broadens the MACH landscape and boosts speed to market for organizations that want an alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As established partners of both Contentstack and Microsoft (Gold Partner), we’re thrilled that this unlocks even more opportunities for us to deliver exceptional digital experiences for our modern enterprise customers.

The flexibility of a Cloud-agnostic CMS

Contentstack now stands alone as the only SaaS CMS on the market that offers multiple choices when it comes to Cloud. This is a huge benefit to enterprises that want to embrace the flexibility that MACH can offer and build connected strategies that suit their specific needs, regardless of their chosen Cloud provider.

The CMS allows the kind of agility that’s required by and expected of leading consumer brands, so we use it to craft content delivery models that are both lean and adaptable in our customers’ diverse, competitive environments. Having the freedom of choice between Azure or AWS, without any differences between functionality or cost, means we can unerringly focus on the quality of digital experiences for customers.

This Cloud-agnostic nature of Contentstack effectively means that there’s no risk of vendor lock-in anymore, so we can concentrate on building and deploying the most suitable models to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Martin Paton, responded to the news: "At Kin + Carta, we recognise that the future of Cloud is one where workloads can be flexibly deployed to take advantage of the differentiating strengths of major Cloud providers.

“It will help diversify risk and cost across a large portfolio of applications and take advantage of pre-existing enterprise compliance, process and governance—all without reinventing the wheel.

“This news means that Contentstack now has a powerful and clear advantage in the SaaS CMS space. We’re proud to be partners and can’t wait to deliver even more benefits to our customers on Microsoft Azure."

Deliver class-leading experiences with a MACH approach

It’s exciting to finally have an alternative to AWS to meet the Cloud modernization needs of customers who are strategically linked to or associated with Microsoft. The fact that Contentstack can now run on Azure opens up a wide range of opportunities for our experts to deliver content experiences without restrictions—a critical benefit in an ever-changing world.

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