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Back to School for BIMA Digital Day 2021

  • 25 November 2021

At Kin + Carta we always look forward to BIMA Digital Day. 

A world that works better for everyone requires a fresh generation of digital professionals who not only have the technical skills to build the future but also an understanding of the real challenges faced by people and the planet. By going into schools and working with young people we hope to inspire many to see digital as a career with true purpose in addition to… well let’s face it, working in digital is cool.

BIMA Digital Day

BIMA Digital Day reaches over 5,000 13-16 year olds across the UK. The idea is that businesses send in their digital experts to classrooms to provide an insight into our working world and outline the opportunities available to the kids when they leave school.

It’s an initiative that meets a real need in our economy.  The Centre for Economics and Business Research says that the shortage of tech and digital talent is costing the UK £21.8bn. It’s crucial that young people see our industry as an exciting place where they can lead fulfilling careers.

After missing 2020 due to the pandemic, our staff were eager to get back to setting a challenge to the students then helping them think it through and come up with ideas that are practical, effective and sustainable. We teamed up with Craigmount High School in Edinburgh, Phoenix Place in London and King’s School Macclesfield.

The challenge

Just weeks after COP26, this year’s challenge had huge relevance. It was set by the World Wildlife Fund and centered around using technology and digital solutions to make it easier for people to make more sustainable, environmentally friendly and low carbon choices in their everyday life. To ease the effects of climate change and save our planet. 

The next generation doesn't need convincing that the environment is one of the biggest challenges facing the world at the moment and the students set about their task with relish. As we've experienced in previous years, the level of insights and creative thinking were at a level we’d expect from seasoned professionals.  

With the guidance of Kin + Carta colleagues, curious ideas were honed into practical solutions and a terrific end product. Everyone took away a great deal from the exercise and we left the classrooms that day confident that the digital future is in good hands.

Children sat at desk writing on paper
Working on the WWF challenge

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