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Gartner's Magic Quadrant confirms rise of Episerver (Optimizely)

When planning any major purchase it makes sense to find out what the experts say. From new cars to vacuum cleaners, we Google the reviews and try to find the items recommended by specialists in that area. 

But what about when you’re planning to invest in a new Digital Experience Platform (DXP)? Who can you and your CFO trust when so much is at stake? 

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms has proven to be one of the most reliable yardsticks for DXPs. This annual survey is a trusted indicator of who has raised their game to meet the current challenges faced by business. And getting a top spot on the list is coveted by most vendors.

Match your needs with the category

The most recent Gartner report has just been released, evaluating 16 vendors across different categories such as cloud, content management, personalisation and multi-channel support. 

The report highlights the continued rise of Episerver, soon to be rebranded as Optimizely (read what we think about this rebrand here). Their clear product strategy and continued investment has seen them continue to move up the rankings, making Episerver (Optimizely) a Top 3 leader in Gartner’s category. 

The result is even more impressive when you consider it comes at a time when Episerver (Optimizely) is just at the start of its integration with Optimizely which it acquired last year. The big vision for the company is to deliver a complete platform and a digital presence fit for purpose at a time when it has never been more crucial to create intelligent customer experiences. This could well be just the start of a dominant spell.

As a long-standing Episerver (Optimizely) partner, we've followed their consistent year-on-year progression in the Magic Quadrant and this report validates the belief we have in the platform. Its capabilities and the technology which underpins them have developed at an unrelenting pace yet somehow without compromising what makes them "Episerver". I'm excited to see how the platform will evolve under the Optimizely brand and in particular how the newly acquired experimentation and personalisation capabilities will be brought into the fold, augmenting what is already a world-beating platform.

Paul Gruffydd - EMVP and Technical Director, Kin + Carta Connect

Exciting times ahead

Kin + Carta has been a partner of Episerver for the past 15 years and are now a Gold partner. We’ve seen how the platform never stands still in its drive to deliver exactly what clients need at that time and it’s why we’ve often showcased the Episerver solution for our clients. We’re excited by the recognition provided by Gartner and the continued investment in the platform when others could be seen to be standing still. 

Episerver (Optimizely)’s good understanding of the DXP market is noted by the report and that it is supported by its product vision and acquisitions allowing for advanced personalisation, targeting and multivariate testing. Its ability to execute and completeness of vision are also praised as is the DXP’s pricing and packaging which is modular and highly transparent, appealing to large enterprises and growing mid-size organisations.

So, when it comes to your next platform we’d highly recommend Gartner as your guide. And we think everyone should be taking a look at Episerver as it becomes Optimizely to provide the perfect platform for when intelligent customer experiences matter so much.

I think Episerver (Optimizely) could soon be the leader of the quadrant once the full integration with Optimizely has taken place. Over the next two years it has the potential to become the DXP platform for experimentation and personalisation.

Paul Carysforth - Experience Analytics Director, Kin + Carta Connect

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