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Kin + Carta Connect puts people first for RLAM with user-centric website design

Kin + Carta Connect has developed a new website for RLAM, the Asset Management arm of the UK’s largest mutual insurer Royal London. The full redesign and build project was informed by the need to make the site more user-friendly to drive engagement and ensure visitors can find exactly what they need easily and quickly.

The website is the result of extensive research, including interviews and analysis to understand how RLAM’s customers had used the original website and thus pinpoint what the development priorities should be. Notably, navigability has been a priority to ensure all stakeholders, whether investors or employees, can quickly access the information they need. 

Explaining the rationale behind the design and build, Tracy Bain, head of marketing at Royal London Asset Management explains: “We found we weren’t engaging with our stakeholders as well as we could. So we wanted to give our fund managers and employees a platform to showcase their thinking and engage with particular audience groups on a regular basis. We’re already seeing greater engagement across the board.”

As Kin + Carta is an accredited Gold Partner, the website benefits from access to Episerver’s platform expertise to initiate a continuous improvement strategy. Julian Dawkins, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Episerver, said, ‘’We are proud to enable a more digitally enriched Royal London Asset Management. It backs the substantial shift we’re seeing - Financial Service organisations investing in their digital intent. With such a reputable stature, we’re excited to see RLAM compete in the digital economy, and provide stakeholders a seamless, intuitive online experience.’’

As our lives are increasingly spent on digital platforms, putting humanity at the heart of design has never been more important. It’s a key element in future-proofing businesses, but it’s important to remember that digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. It’s been great to work with a partner in RLAM who embraces this ethos.

Allan Maxwell - Group Account Director at Kin + Carta Connect

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