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Lexus car against background of sky scrapers at sunset

Delivering success for Lexus

We’ve recently been shortlisted for this year’s Digital Impact Awards following our optimisation work for Lexus. Find out what we did and how the launch of a website is just the start with the story.

What happens after the launch of a successful website? For Lexus it was the need to continually improve and stay ahead of competitors. As a challenger luxury car brand in a hugely competitive market, the online experience was pivotal to success. Lexus’ philosophy of Omotenashi also drove the desire to be as welcoming as possible to visitors.

The initial focus for Kin + Carta was a new website covering 44 European markets. But this was just the start of the journey. In the past 18 months, it’s all been about optimisation: building on success to deliver improvements that drive sales. 

Optimising through data

We used data –  a lot of data including Voice of the Customer feedback – to launch and implement ‘KOKO’, an innovative  European wide customer experience optimisation programme.

The aim with KOKO is to consistently optimise digital journeys, to reduce dropout, drive more leads and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, providing the right welcome for every audience across any market. The process is cyclical, hence KOKO.

Data was gathered through various means –  quantitative and qualitative – then carefully analysed and used to improve the Lexus website across every page. All this was underpinned through A/B testing to validate conversion and customer improvement initiatives. 

We blended both qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure a rounded picture of user behaviour which gave us a good understanding of the ‘voice of the customer’.

Deep diving

Activity has included using Google Analytics across 44 market websites to identify aggregated behaviour. Hotjar and ContentSquare gave us a deep dive on content and in-page behaviour. Usabilla considered our implementation to be the most advanced and bespoke use of their technology to date. Emotion Analytics technology from iMotions allowed us to analyse facial behaviour and map the pain points in the journey.

All our inputs were regularly judged on their value to the business and customer in order to prioritise the next actions.

Adapting to Covid

Covid-19 created a situation where the website became the shop front for Lexus, as dealerships went into lockdown. This meant that the website had to service more parts of the customer journey and also enable the dialogue between dealers and customers. Optimisation of the digital journey became a prime focus.

This sparked an evolution of KOKO and the programme was used as a vehicle to develop a range of localised content and solutions that enabled the markets to self serve and deliver a dealership experience online. Covid-19 dashboards were built for the key EU markets to track changing behaviours, alternate customer journeys and new customer requirements. This enabled markets to be more reactive and quickly refocus efforts to better support new prospects and existing Lexus owners.

Genuine impact

The results of KOKO have been outstanding, including:

  • A 49% increase in test drive leads  
  • 879 improvements
  • Improved dealer finder form completion rate by 150% 
  • A customer satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5 for the test drive and brochure application processes

Kin + Carta’s work has exemplified our ‘Kaizen’ approach to continuous improvement. Using data and A/B testing, the incremental changes made, whether big or small, have always added up to real enhancements to the user experience, and profitable results for our business.

Our Takumi craftspeople are renowned in their relentless attention to details, and the team at K+C has shown how this mindset can be successfully transferred to the digital world.”

Christophe Meulemans - Manager, Lexus Brand & Marketing Communications

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