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The best virtual team building games for remote teams

In a world where social distancing is the new norm, building meaningful connections amongst our team mates is more important, yet harder, than ever. Face to face interactions are obviously a no go, but there are tons of great ways we can do so virtually. Below you will find ten fun, free and simple team building games for any sized team, with detailed instructions on how to facilitate and play remotely.

Whether remote or not, team building is essential for developing high performing teams

This is because it:

  • Improves communications & collaboration: teams are able to navigate challenges more successfully because they've spent time getting to know how each other
  • Aids higher understanding: teams learn their collective strengths, weaknesses and interests
  • Increases psychological safety*: teams feel trusted to do their best work and take risks, without judgement
  • Creates a sense of belonging: teams practice driving towards a common goal, even if that goal is just to have fun

*A google study on effective teams stated psychological safety as by far the most important dynamic

In the office, there are multiple, unplanned, opportunities to socialise with co-workers.

It might be while waiting to kick people out of your meeting room, while spraying them with cake crumbs at tea time or over a G&T you won’t remember on Monday morning. In this new, remote, world these interactions are primarily limited to the slightly awkward niceties at the start of a Zoom call, or the lol’s at your ADL’s “hilarious” joke of the day.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever for us to plan regular opportunities to get to know each other! Let the games begin…

The best virtual team building games for remote teams

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