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Person doing visual search of a bottle of wine with the smartphone

FWD19 Labs: Live the art of the possible

On October 16, the latest thinking from Kin + Carta Labs debuted at FWD19.

Across five emerging technologies experiences, attendees explored everything from digital twin technology to computer vision to the future of mobile experiences.

While words won't do these justice, here's an overview of the technologies our attendees experienced.


Kin + Carta Labs exists to explore, share, and deliver the art of the possible.

A New Perspective on Augmented Intelligence

FWD19 attendees experienced the latest in computer vision technology as we explored the ever-blurring lines between our physical and digital worlds. 
When combining machine learning and digital twin models that continuously learn from collective inputs, the implications of these emerging technologies on the B2B and B2C worlds quickly became self-evident. 

Digital Twin Technology • Computer Vision • Next-Gen Mobile • Continuous Learning • Cloud Computing • Edge Computing


  • Supply chain and B2B inventory management 
  • Digital to physical interfaces in virtually any environment
  • Consumer banking and credit management 
  • Crop yield detection
  • Employee training in automotive, industrial and manufacturing settings 
  • Remote surgical training
  • Patient-to-document communications
  • eCommerce of physical goods of all shapes and sizes
  • Real estate aerial surveying
  • Augmented Intelligence in retail
Person doing visual search of a bottle of wine with the smartphone

The Blockchain-For-Good Experience

The FWD Coin experience will be woven into the fabric of FWD as attendees tap into Kin + Carta’s latest blockchain-based digital incentive platform to raise money for charities.

Throughout the day, attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback and track their donation history on a modified version of the platform that Kin + Carta uses daily to build culture, connection, and facilitate peer-to-peer engagement.

Blockchain • Ethereum • Node.js • AWS • Lambda • Angular - Progressive Web Apps


  • Authenticated identity management
  • Self-sovereign identity 
  • GDPR compliant cookie and digital engagement management 
  • Electronic Health Record management 
  • Financial transaction management 
  • Subscription service management to facilitate micropayments 
  • Global smart contracts across B2B and B2C 
  • Greater interoperability of internet of things (IoT) devices 
  • Intellectual property management for the creation of new products and services 
  • Facilitation of the next-generation sharing economy 
  • Knowledge management and enterprise collaboration 
A tablet illustrating the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Experience the Future of Work

When stepping into ConnectLive, FWD attendees will be immersed in the future of work.

Hierarchical organizational designs have run their course. Replacing them, however, is easier said than done. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the heartbeat of the Kin + Carta connective, exploring real-time conversations happening throughout a dozen time zones and mining insights from subject matter experts spanning strategy, technology, and creativity.

Slack’s Content API • Elastic’s Real-Time Data Indexing Pipeline • Real-time search of unstructured data • Google’s Natural Language Content Classifier • Interactive Front-End (explorer)/Angular Web App


  • Enterprise knowledge management
  • Employee communications
  • Cross-functional, silo-eliminating collaboration
  • “Gig” or freelance hiring and incorporation into the enterprise
  • Visibility, measurement, and management of global team performance
  • Next-generation search, especially of unstructured data
  • Rethinking organization design
  • Hybrid and multi-disciplinary team development
  • Employee familiarity and general team happiness
A touchscreen showing a menu with different options

Emotionally Intelligent AI

Data is inherently neither good nor bad, innocuous or world-changing. It ultimately comes down to us to create solutions that harness data and merge artificial with emotional intelligence to help advance the human condition. 

Using a computer vision model to interpret American Sign Language (ASL), attendees will have the opportunity to experience a custom machine learning model that has been trained on thousands of ASL photos and compete for an opportunity to climb the FWD leaderboard.

Cloud AutoML Vision • Google Cloud Platform • React Native • Continuous Learning • Computer Visioning • Next-Gen Mobile


  • Visual search of images, both in the digital and physical worlds
  • Improvements to autonomous driving
  • The evolution of how we buy goods in physical retail environments
  • Next-generation of mobile check depositing
  • Digital customer onboarding in financial services (upload ID and photo)
  • Instant automotive insurance claim processing
  • In-home medical assessments and diagnostics for healthcare ailments
  • Industrial and remote IoT applications
Two smiling women interacting with an AI through a touchscreen

Partner Experiences

Innovation is rarely, if ever, a solo experience. Kin + Carta Labs proudly partners each year with our clients and global technology partners to bring breakthrough innovations to FWD not otherwise possible.

A corncob being analysed by an artificial intelligence through the smartphone

The Future of Farming and Yield Management

Thanks to a partnership with Corteva, FWD19 attendees experienced firsthand the future of agriculture.

By tapping into computer vision and machine learning technologies, attendees could predict annual crop yields by taking photos of ears of corn through a smartphone. This tech revolutionizes the way growers and their trusted advisors estimate yield, providing more predictability to farm revenue and profits.

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