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The Connected Organisation

The connected organisation: video + report

How connected organisations are racing ahead and how to join them

The most successful organisations are designing, building and implementing software to connect all aspects of their operations. By doing so, they are able to create the capabilities necessary to outperform their competitors and disrupt highly competitive industries. We call them Connected Organisations.

In this report we define the behaviours that characterise Connected Organisations, explore common product patterns and types which help to power them today, and outline what a connected future could look like across different industries. Drawing on real client work and research, we also uncover the foundational capabilities underpinning Connected Organisations, to help you advance fastest on your journey. Wherever you are in your journey towards becoming more connected, download this practical guide to help accelerate your organisation’s progress.

Get Connected event

We invited senior business leaders from across sectors to Kin + Carta Create for an evening of networking, a lively panel debate and tech demonstrations to uncover the possibilities of a more connected organisation. The panel included:

  • Barry O'Reilly - Author of 'Lean Enterprise'
  • Anna Wisniowski - Head of Deployment, People Transformation at Tesco
  • Reshma Shaikh - VP Strategy and Operations at Springer Nature.
The connected organisation