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Unlocking global revenue potential through data-driven pricing

Leading coffee chain

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The challenge

  • Category: Retail

A leading coffee chain had already seen significant success in North America by implementing a personalized pricing model that drove revenue growth. The next challenge was scaling this model globally, adapting it to the diverse market dynamics and consumer behaviors across different regions to replicate the success internationally.

What did we deliver?

We embarked on this transformative journey with a clear focus on localization, agility, and innovation. Our teams, equipped with expertise in data science and analytics, took the proven North American pricing strategies and re-engineered them for global markets. This involved detailed leadership interviews to understand the unique consumer behaviors, economic factors, and competitive landscapes of each new market we entered.

Through close collaboration with local teams, we tailored our analytics and pricing strategies to align with each market's specific needs, ensuring our approaches drove real revenue and effective pricing innovation in each unique setting. The technological backbone of this project included leveraging advanced tools like Databricks, Azure Data Lake, and machine learning models, enabling us to analyze vast datasets and implement data-driven pricing strategies efficiently.

The success of this project hinged on our ability to not only analyze and adapt data but also to educate our client on the nuances of data-driven decision-making, fostering a culture of innovation and informed strategy that stretched across continents.

Technology used

Azure Data Lakes logo
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Big data icon Big data
Machine learning model Machine learning (causal inference, time series, dimensionality reductions, regression, clustering)
SQL Structured query language (SQL)
Statistics icon Statistics (A/B Tests, incrementally)

Key results

  • $239 million revenue impact in the first year.
  • Five new markets successfully expanded in the first year, previously unserved.
$239 M revenue impact in the first year
5 new markets

Our team demonstrated great ability and flexibility to incorporate data and analytical thinking with impactful business insights despite nuanced data, cultural, and political challenges unique to each market.

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