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Giving a tech makeover to Retail


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  • Category: Retail Digital Transformation Business Strategy Mobile and Web Development Data and Analytics

Turnpike Group is a Stockholm-based company producing customized wearables and smartwatches for staff in retail, manufacturing, and hospitality. Using IoT, AI, and cloud-connected technologies they enable the staff to interact with the customers in real time at the right place. This experience means higher customer satisfaction as well as increased conversion.

The challenge

We played a significant role in building Turnpike's tools. Our team was included in the Android and iOS applications, the Apple Watch application, and the firmware.

The strategy

Our solution was a platform, using AI, machine learning, and computer vision to discover issues requiring immediate attention while simultaneously training the system.

Instead of relying on monthly or weekly reports, store managers and front-line employees could be enabled to take corrective actions in real time.

The staff receive short and simple notifications on their wearables so they are not pulled away from the customer's face-to-face interaction. Real-time data and machine learning give a direct digital connection to the customer. Using predictive analytics, they can even foresee what the customers may need even before they know it themselves. Help buttons, interactive screens and other digital hardware in stores add further responsive customer service.

The most challenging part for us was the Bluetooth communication. We had certain issues and had to try different approaches and libraries to overcome them. Another issue to overcome was using Azure DevOps services for IoT and IoT Edge services to send messages to smartphones.

The outcome

User base increase

Turnpike Group becoming hardware agnostic

Turnpike Group becoming hardware agnostic meant the platform is available for Samsung Galaxy and Apple Watches. We developed the new Apple watch application.

90 stores and hotels activated

8 percent increase in staff efficiency

29000 Euro increased sales per staff per year

12 percent Increased employee satisfaction

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