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Harmonising a global planning system and improving user experience


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  • Category: Retail Business Strategy Digital Transformation

Philips is a technology-centric company and a key player in the health technology sector with a core mission of driving advancements in health and well-being through meaningful innovation.

Philips envisions a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem oriented towards health promotion, disease prevention, precision diagnosis, personalized treatment, and community-based patient recovery, all interconnected through a seamless data exchange.

The challenge

Philips asked us to develop a Global Advertising & Promotions (A&P) marketing expenses planning system. This needed to consolidate and standardize the advertising and promotion planning process across all Philips markets around the world. Planning and controlling had previously been achieved in MS Excel, so consolidating, versioning and standardizing the information would be a significant challenge.

The strategy

We took an iterative approach to the project. Each market’s planning process was evaluated and aligned to a central standard process. We provided continuous support and consultancy on optimizing the user interface and developing the most efficient software solutions to support the standardized process and facilitate onboarding.

This led to the creation of a web application that provides planning sheets that deliver an Excel-like user experience when working with financial data. It facilitates the A&P planning business process, forecasting cycle, and consolidated reporting.

The outcome

With 40 countries onboard, the Global AnP tool has matured and established a planning workflow that is becoming the Philips way of working for the entire organization. We are providing continuous technical support, and regularly helping with monthly planning operations and data import/export to other Philips systems.

  • Consolidated and standardised advertising and promotion planning across all markets
  • Optimised business processes
  • Expanded market coverage
  • Improved user experience

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