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A 20 year partnership in pioneering digital retail experiences


Co-op membership cards over a turquoise background

Leading the way with intelligent experiences

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At the turn of the century, the sun was coming up on a new digital dawn for the UK’s food retailers. New and emerging tech was expanding the possibilities for communicating with customers and selling them products. Co-op - one of the country’s most loved and respected brands - needed a partner to make the most of the opportunities.

They chose Kin + Carta and a two decade long partnership of innovation began. Together through a shared vision, ambition and aligned business ethos, we were able to push digital experiences forward.

At a glance

Leading the way

Innovative digital experiences were created across a variety of channels.

Intelligent progress

Data and insight were always used to drive design.

Exceptional creative

From thumb stopping video to eye catching ads, our creatives delivered brilliant work, day after day. This included a strategy that made owned content work even harder.

The power of relationships

A strong agency and client partnership endured across the years leading to greater understanding and better outputs.

Launch of a new membership app

When Co-op’s membership experience went mobile, we were asked to deliver a memorable launch. This campaign resulted in Co-op being the most talked about grocer across social. In the first two days, it drove 107,000 app downloads, 6,000 new member sign ups and it was the 8th most downloaded app on the Apple store.

Screenshots of the Co-op membership app onboarding process

For over 20 years, Kin + Carta has played a key role in Co-op’s digital journey. From insights and strategy to creative and innovation, together we were able to push digital experiences forwards.

Mel Matson - Director of Customer Proposition and Communications, Co-op

A new online delivery service

In the late 2010s, Co-op had the capability to provide a delivery service. We both developed the online customer journey and launched the service with a breakthrough campaign that emphasised the speed and convenience of the delivery.

96% brand recall showed by creative testing
1072 conversions from one display ad in one quarter
+£35k revenue from the same ad in one quarter

Introducing Augmented Reality (AR)

Every year, Co-op’s members raise millions for local causes and we were asked to celebrate a £15 million payout. To achieve this we conceived, designed and built an innovative digital experience that used AR (and 3D virtual balloons) to engage and inform users. This resulted in Co-op being the number one talked about grocer across social with a 50% increase of net sentiment, making people feel good about the brand.

Screenshots of augmented reality in mobile and desktop devices

Making a human connection

Following a rigorous discovery phase we landed on a core web proposition of ‘Contextual Convenience’ born out of the understanding that Co-op needed a website that created a more intelligent experience with the customer. The end result truly reflected the brand and provided solutions to personal shopping missions. The new website resulted in a 336% increase in average time spent on the page. An 80% decrease in site search suggesting users found what they wanted more easily.

User navigating the new Co-op website in a laptop

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