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Benefits you deserve

We need the best people to build a world that works better for everyone. And that’s why we offer benefits that give you the opportunity to keep learning, keep progressing and enjoy your life in and out of the working day. The benefits below are just a taste of what’s on offer and they change all the time, so find out how we’d invest in your career. And ask our Talent team for more information if you want to know more.

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Continuous growth

Everyone has a £1k personal budget for training meaning you can build the skills you need to meet your career goals. Regular feedback will help you to understand where your strengths lie and how best to go about achieving your goals. They're also a chance for you to talk about your success and the recognition you deserve. We love promoting our people internally and it happens a lot. On top of formal training we always have something going on such as Lunch and Learns or even free cookery lessons.

Bringing Kin to life

It’s easy to use the cliche about having a family atmosphere but in our case it does feel that way. We work hard to create a culture that is friendly, supportive and fun. That includes weekly celebration of good work, giving people a Friday treat of a free takeaway or restaurant meal. We have affinity groups set up covering areas such as working parents and the LGBT+ community. We hold regular get togethers for staff and clients and sometimes both. You’ll love our offices if you love dogs as we allow you to take your pooch to work (with a few conditions of course).

One of our kin celebrating pancake day
Kin having tea and cake at weekly tea time

A work model for all

The global pandemic showed us all a different way of working and we're keen to give people the flexibility to choose their ongoing working arrangements. Our hybrid model can flex to your lifestyle meaning you can work where and when you want within certain confines. If you love office life then feel free to come in every day. If you get more done at home then you can set aside the days you need to get things done. We’ll discuss our commitment to a hybrid work model when you talk to us.

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To name a few

Across Kin + Carta we are proud to offer competitive benefits. A few that are most-loved by our people are listed below, but don’t hesitate to ask our Talent team about the specific perks and benefits offered to you.

Leadership icon Global leadership programmes
Flexible working icon Flexible working hours
present icon Enhanced Christmas leave
dog icon Dog friendly offices
Discounted private healthcare Subsidised private healthcare
Affordable gym membership Discounted gym membership

There is a tonne of focus on upskilling yourself and continuing training, especially for engineers. Kin + Carta encourages and pays for a variety of certifications and also encourages employees to attend conferences to continue to increase our knowledge and bring that back to our client work.

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We’ve got opportunities to offer you — for growth, for leadership, for making an impact and for, dare we say it, a little bit of fun along the way.

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