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Abstract cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, Web 3.0, and the Internet of money.


Are you ready for the Internet of money?

Bitcoin is here and the business opportunity is real. It only launched in 2009, but it’s growing faster than the Internet did and promises to have a more profound impact on our everyday lives than the now ubiquitous smartphone—the network protocol, Bitcoin, will form the foundation of Web 3.0 and the currency, bitcoin (BTC), will fuel all future growth on the Internet of money.

Organizations that prepare a cryptocurrency strategy to integrate with the Bitcoin network will engage the billions of unbanked people about to transcend the traditional financial system. Organizations that don’t will fade into obscurity. Have you begun your journey towards crypto maturity yet?

Web 3.0: Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptoassets

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Why read the Bitcoin whitepaper?

1 As the world hurtles towards decentralized finance for all, discover why Bitcoin is the innovation, not the blockchain—and what it means for your business.
2 Find out how and why your competitors will be working together to provide value for customers who are fully integrated with the Bitcoin network.
3 Understand the prospect of Web 3.0 and the many layers of money and technology solutions it will provide for everyone, everywhere.

The five stages of Bitcoin maturity

First movers and industry leaders are already beating the path towards Bitcoin adoption. Learn more about what it takes to get there and how you can direct your organization’s crypto strategy to realize the true potential of digital money.

Stage one: The Bitcoin hype

Bitcoin’s promise of financial autonomy opens opportunities for individuals and institutions alike.

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Stage two: The blockchain frenzy

The blockchain vs Bitcoin debate ensues, but the Bitcoin then blockchain philosophy prevails.

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Stage three: Too many chains (altcoins)

All first movers breed imitators, but not all imitators stand the test of time. Bitcoin is built to last.

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Stage four: Bitcoin maximalism

People and businesses take a variety of viable routes into the network as we build a fairer society.

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Stage five: Bitcoin enlightenment

The era of the user-owned Internet eradicates financial friction in a globally open monetary network.

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Join the Bitcoin Revolution

If aligning your organization with the financial foundations of the future is the objective, understanding Bitcoin and the Internet of money is the urgent task at hand. Download our whitepaper to discover the benefits of a cryptocurrency strategy for you, your employees, and your imminently global customer base.

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Pile of Kin + Carta bitcoin whitepapers

Saying you are interested in ‘blockchain, not Bitcoin’ is like saying ‘I'm interested in the web but not the Internet’.

Wences Casares

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The Internet of Money

Download the bitcoin whitepaper today to discover how you can increase your market share by integrating with the Internet of money before your competition.

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