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Graphic illustration to show a personalized shopping experience. From cart, to recommendations, payment, and receiving your item.

Retail Data Strategy Quickstart

Collaborative workshop

Accelerate your journey towards hyper-personalized experiences

The personalized touchpoints and interactions your customers crave and expect require a new way of thinking about data. We view data as a product to achieve business outcomes and aspire to put you on the path to becoming a fully data-driven organization.

Refine your data. Improve the customer experience.

The workshop can help your organization identify achievable and measurable opportunities within categories such as:

  • Product recommendations
  • Communication and channels
  • Loyalty programs
  • Customer segmentation
  • Search
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Inventory optimization
  • Next best action models
  • Omni-channel fulfillment

Our approach

We facilitate a collaborative workshop where senior resources are focused on the alignment of the most critical digital and data needs. Helping you to identify where digital and data products can deliver the most value.

Table describing timeline - Step: 1 Initial interview 1 hour per interview. Step 2: Half-day workshop and Step 3: 1-2 hour readout


Icon of treasure map with X

Prioritized roadmap for your focus area use cases

Icon of person presenting and pointing at board

An initial understanding of the next steps

Icon of two people with speech bubble

A low-risk way of understanding Kin + Carta’s way of working

Use cases

AI-powered retail personalization

Customize product recommendations based on purchase history and change the product surfaced based on customer needs and preferences (ex: allergies, color, style, etc.).


Omni-channel experience

Allow consumers to see product availability in-store using their app or automatically fill their cart during in-store experiences based on product preferences.


Personalized marketing

Generate custom marketing material for campaigns based on segmentation and user preferences.


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