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Greener Government: DDaT leaders’ challenges on the road to Net Zero

White paper

Why a greener government matters

A greener government benefits everyone - economically, socially and environmentally. To this end, Net Zero targets must be met. But are government leaders aware of the responsibility they hold in this regard? This exclusive research from Kin + Carta, in partnership with Government Transformation Magazine, surveyed 100 Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) leaders in central government to lay bare the government’s challenges with regard to Net Zero. The indication is that confidence is high, but resources are lacking. Is sustainability actually being prioritised? And how much progress is being made towards achieving it?

Key findings

Government leaders’ confidence in their departments’ ability to meet Net Zero targets is high, but misplaced. While the bullishness is understandable, it is only by recognising and honestly discussing existing barriers that sustainability strategy will be prioritised and targets met.

Takeaway 1

A lack of clarity around Net Zero leadership roles and expectations is a large part of the problem.

Takeaway 2

It is vital to develop a common language and common goals around sustainability that are accessible to all.

Takeaway 3

Understanding the knock-on effects of isolated decision-making is imperative.


Survey highlights

The results of our survey clearly show that leaders’ high levels of confidence are at odds with the realities regarding prioritisation of sustainability and the relevant tools and resources available to them. 

89.7% are confident that their department will meet Net Zero targets.
65% admit that Net Zero is not a top priority for their department.
77% feel equipped to make a significant contribution to meeting sustainability targets.
71% say their department has in-house knowledge of sustainability.

The biggest barrier is just understanding how to get started. It’s a wickedly complicated problem. There’s no real practical guide showing how to make even a 1% gain.

Natalie Jones - Director of Digital Identity, Government Digital Service (GDS)

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Greener Government: DDaT Leaders’ Challenges on the Road to Net Zero

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