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Two women holding clothing in shop examining it.

Customers in Control: emerging trends in data powered retail

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For retailers, the customer has always been king (or queen), but this has never been so true. Following the High Street clearing impact of Covid and record inflation, shoppers are demanding an experience - digital and in-store - that’s quick, personal and available 24/7.

Data is the key to standing out from the pack, allowing retailers to make online and offline experiences truly relevant, seamless and convenient.




Customers in Control is a new report from Kin + Carta that dives into the motivation of the modern shopper and the trends that will help you build success into every channel you use. We look at what your customers are thinking and how technology can provide answers to the challenges you face. Written by experts in both retail and digital, it will both educate and inspire you as you plan your next step.




  • Find out what shoppers really want: how much do you really know about your customers?
  • Help them make good decisions more easily: use data to supercharge purchasing decisions.

  • How to blend online with bricks and mortar: and elevate both experiences.

  • Give you employees more power: with the right insights, skills and devices.

  • Minimise waste and build agility: how AI can make you a better business.

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