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Unlock new features and stay supported

Upgrade assessment


Software is continuously evolving and Sitecore is no different, but as new versions are created, the support available for older versions starts to fade away. To date, Sitecore has released a minor update every 3-6 months and a new major version every 2-3 years.

New releases of Sitecore deliver features, bug fixes and security updates, all of which are essential to the stability of enterprise platforms. 

The Kin + Carta upgrade assessment goes into real depth about the benefits and process you need to take to be on the latest, fastest and most secure version of Sitecore available. 

How does it work?

Typical steps

Our team of Sitecore specialists will work with you and your teams to review your existing implementation and identify the best approach to upgrading your Sitecore instance. 

  • Platform review
  • Review data set/migration effort
  • Identify breaking changes
  • Infrastructure review
  • Integrations review
  • Plan upgrade

The Kin + Carta upgrade assessment is a pragmatic look at the best way to reach the latest version of Sitecore. By working out if it's better to upgrade the existing instance or to plan a migration into a fresh install, we find the most cost effective and least risk route.

Alec Bennet - Group Consulting Director, Kin + Carta

How long will it take?

The Kin + Carta upgrade assessment can usually be delivered within two weeks. This allows time to get the access required and to produce a report of the findings and present the recommended approach. 

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The deliverables

The upgrade assessment delivers a review of the platform, providing insights into potential areas of risk along with suggestions for improvement or items requiring remedial action. Finally, it provides a detailed plan and supporting timeline estimates for the successful upgrade of your platform.

How can we make it happen for your business?

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More Sitecore Services

Our range of services helps to provide businesses with access to Sitecore specialists throughout the platform life-cycle, from new platform builds, optimising existing installations through to ongoing support and maintenance.
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Support and Maintenance

Evolving and improving is essential to protect your investment in the platform.

We provide a team of specialists ready to help fix bugs, deploy upgrades, or just ensure that your site is running. 

Accelerator for Sitecore

The Kin + Carta Accelerator is a foundation solution for Sitecore projects.

With out-of-the-box components, businesses can deliver sites faster and execute budgets more effectively.

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Content archiving

Retiring a platform raises a lot of questions about what to do with data.

Our offline content archiving service allows you to save time and money in the process.