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Historical content when you need it

Content archiving

The old platform dilemma

As part of any change in DXP or CMS platforms, many businesses face the question about what to do with their old platform and the content it contains.

There are a couple of options available and finding the right one for your business can be critical.

  • Do nothing
  • Keep the platform online
  • Archive content to an offline format

Do nothing

The cheapest option is of course, do nothing. This is fine if you no longer need the content or have migrated everything you want over to your new platform.

Keep the platform online

Keeping the platform online or in a stand-by state will often require budget. If the current platform is hosted in a SaaS or PaaS environments these can require continuous costs during the archive period.

If your Sitecore licence is a perpetual one, you will also need to either continue paying the annual support and maintenance costs, or accept an unsupported platform. 

Archive content to an offline format

This is where Kin + Carta can help. Our platform archival process is the best of both worlds, by completely shutting down the infrastructure requirement and still providing access to the content, on-going costs are removed and audit trails maintained. 

Steps to archiving content

Below are a few of the steps we would take to ensure that the content archiving process is right for you.
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Platform assessment

Not every platform will be set up in the same way and suitable for our content archiving tools. Our initial assessment will ensure that the CMS is suitable and configured to support the extraction process.

Research and plan

We'll work together to research and plan the best approach for the archive process. This will cover the system, archive periods and the best format (e.g. HTML, PDF, Doc) for the content to be converted to.

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Make data work

Making it happen

The last step of the process is executing the strategy by creating the archive and validating the export process and final assets.

How can we make it happen for your business?

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More Sitecore Services

Our range of services helps to provide businesses with access to Sitecore specialists throughout the platform life-cycle, from new platform builds, optimising existing installations through to ongoing support and maintenance.
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Upgrade assessment

The latest version of Sitecore can deliver many benefits including performance, fixes and security enhancements.

Discover our upgrade assessment

Accelerator for Sitecore

The Kin + Carta Accelerator for Sitecore is a foundation solution for new Sitecore projects. With years of experience and out-of-the-box components baked into the foundation, businesses can deliver sites faster and focus budgets on the truly unique requirements.

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Support and Maintenance

Evolving and improving Sitecore is essential to protect your investment in the platform. Managed Experiences provides a team of specialists ready to help fix bugs, upgrade the platform, support your content process or just ensure that your site is running. Each agreement is unique and built around your business needs.

Discover our Support and Maintenance

Platform assessment

Having confidence that your implementation is running as best it can is essential to delivering results. Our platform assessment for Sitecore can provide you insight on what to optimise and find opportunities to improve. Our comprehensive checklist ensures that the platform is reviewed from infrastructure to code, right the way through to content authoring and operation considerations.

Our Sitecore platform assessment
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