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Deliver value faster with a solid foundation

Accelerator for Sitecore

Faster route to market

Audiences are demanding and consuming content at a faster rate than ever before. Business need to find a way to react and also be proactive to serve their customer needs before their competitors do. This is where the Kin + Carta Accelerator for Sitecore can help, rapidly deliver a full componentised and feature rich website within 8 weeks.

What is the accelerator?

The Kin + Carta Accelerator for Sitecore is a foundation solution for new Sitecore projects. It was developed as a way of delivering value to our customers faster by focusing effort on new and unique requirements.

Our Accelerator includes a large number of custom developed Sitecore components and features that can be combined and reused across multiple sites. These include the ubiquitous marketing components found such as content blocks, news articles, hero banners, social media feeds, navigational elements, site search and more.

The Accelerator for Sitecore also includes our theme management system which allows sites within a multi-site implementation to have their own independent branding. UI developers can focus on creating the interactive UI without worrying about the backend and use the included sample themes as a starting point to extend.

By default, the Accelerator for Sitecore is compatible with both on-premise and Cloud hosted Sitecore, as well as both Apache Solr and Azure Search indexing platforms.

Kin + Carta has invested internally to create Accelerator for Sitecore, a foundation solution that enables our engineering teams to hit the ground running on client projects and focus on high value features rather than wasting client budgets creating boilerplate.

Martin Paton - CTO, Kin Carta Connect

Benefits for Marketers

Reduce time to launch by generating a useful MVP quickly

Using the out-of-the-box components, you can develop and implement your MVP site sooner and build upon it's foundations.

Optimise budgets and investment in valuable features

Focus your budget on creating new features and unique requirements that further your proposition rather than recreating the mundane standard features like hero banners.

Be content ready 

Marketing content authors can begin creating the site structure and authoring content in parallel to UI development by leveraging the suite of standard pages and components.

Manage multiple sites from one instance

Create single sites or a global estate with unified branding and customise local markets with their own themes and variants.

Get started with Sitecore Marketing features 

Out of the box integration with Sitecore Experience Marketing features such as Personalisation and Testing to optimise your user experience.

Out-of-the-box components

Feature List

Our foundational components allow authors to start populating the platform and seeing their site coming together without having to wait for the final designs to be ready. This allows websites to be delivered faster and authors to be more comfortable with the platform easing the onboarding process and boosting productivity. 

  • Page templates
  • Articles and Insights
  • Case studies
  • Custom HTML
  • Google Maps
  • Hero Banners
  • Navigation
  • Info Panels
  • Vimeo Videos
  • Statistics
  • Twitter Feed
  • YouTube Videos

We’ve taken years of .NET, CMS and more importantly Sitecore engineering experience and brought it all together into the Accelerator for Sitecore. The focus here is to launch and start delivering value as soon as possible.

Steve Shaw - Technical Director, Kin + Carta Connect

Benefits for Engineers

Built upon Helix principles

Adheres firmly to Sitecore Helix principles and best practices and therefore is a fully approved approach by Sitecore support teams.

Separation of concerns

Loosely coupled components separate design from back-end along with feature developed within its own project, controllers and views meaning they can be adapted and updated if needed.

Theme enabled

The sample website includes a theme engine allowing different UI to be selected per site managed on the platform. Responsive Bootstrap-based interface included. 

Cloud and on-premise ready

Compatible with all Sitecore deployment models including on-premise and the Microsoft Azure cloud.

API integration ready

Stub code for 3rd party integrations

Simplified upgrades

Utilising config transformations and Sitecore patch files ensures there is simple and full forward upgrade path within Sitecore 9.x

How can we make it happen for your business?

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More Sitecore services

Our range of services helps to provide businesses with access to Sitecore specialists throughout the platform life-cycle, from new platform builds, optimising existing installations through to ongoing support and maintenance.

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Support and Maintenance

Evolving and improving Sitecore is essential to protect your investment in the platform. Managed Experiences provides a team of specialists ready to help fix bugs, upgrade the platform, support your content process or just ensure that your site is running. Each agreement is unique and built around your business needs.

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Platform assessment

Having confidence that your implementation is running as best it can is essential to delivering results. Our platform assessment for Sitecore can provide you insight on what to optimise and find opportunities to improve. Our comprehensive checklist ensures that the platform is reviewed from infrastructure to code, right the way through to content authoring and operation considerations.

Our Sitecore platform assessment
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Content archiving

Retiring a platform raises questions about what to do with the content and data that is stored within. Our content archiving service allows content to be stored offline, saving time and money.

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Upgrade assessment

The latest version of Sitecore can deliver many benefits including performance, fixes and security enhancements.

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