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Kin + Carta IDEA program manager Shereen Barros recognized as 2021 Top 100 DEI Leader by Mogul

Kin + Carta’s IDEA program manager, Shereen Barros, named to Mogul’s Top 100 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leaders In 2021

“Our list of Top DEI Leaders recognizes individuals who truly stand out and are making positive, exemplary changes through active DEI efforts. At Mogul, we believe it is important to recognize those who are leading the way by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion for all,” said Tiffany Pham, CEO and Founder, Mogul.

In her role as program manager, Shereen has been responsible for not only the definition, but also the delivery upon the firm's five-year IDEA strategic program, which is guided by five ambitions:

1. Kin + Carta teams are as diverse as the populations in the regions in which we operate.
2. People are paid equitably for equal work.
3. Employees feel as if they can bring their authentic selves to work.
4. IDEA is a sustainable and ingrained part of how Kin + Carta does business.
5. Kin + Carta is an IDEA leader in the technology community.

Alongside the firm and industry-changing work she's been leading as it relates specifically to IDEA, Shereen has also directly supported the process of Kin + Carta becoming the first B Corp certified company on the London Stock Exchange.

Under Shereen's leadership, this work for Kin + Carta is just the start. The firm has committed to ever-improving responsible business initiatives that are inclusive, accessible and equitable. 

We’re so excited to see Shereen receive this recognition. She is a change-maker who brings employees and leaders alike along for the journey, empowering all to become advocates for equitable and transformative D&I work.

J Schwan - CEO, Kin + Carta

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