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Why Are Cities More Resilient Than Organisations? And What Can We Learn From Them?

As an expert generalist, Dr. Orit Gal looks at how patterns emerge in complex systems. In this 30 minute session, Dr. Gal will explore systems resilience in particular, as the layer sitting beneath personal and organisational resilience. Using cities as an example of a system, we will learn what characteristics make them more resilient than many companies. We will also hear about how trends emerge in the first place and what disruptions and opportunities are created out of crises.

Having worked in tech start-ups, corporate market research, peace-building and military think-tanks, Dr. Gal will simplify complexity thinking using a few core frameworks and equip us with provocative new ways of engaging with problems for our teams, products and services and organisations.

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Dr Orit Gal - Founder at Urbaniser, Senior Lecturer for Strategy and Complexity at Regent's University London 
Stefan Stern - Columnist

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