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Unleashing Development Teams at Discover

Unleashing Development Teams at Discover: Accelerating Speed-to-Value Through Modernization Enablement

  • 05 June 2020
  • Enterprise Modernisation

Though the practice of modernization enablement, firms are achieving faster releases of higher quality digital products by eliminating legacy, manual dependencies while simultaneously upskilling individuals on the latest approaches to product development, design, and engineering. Even better: enablement can be seamlessly integrated into any standard delivery process.

Led by Kin + Carta Director of Modernization, Gretchen Goodrich, and joined by Discover’s Amanda Kreutziger, Director of Application Development, and Danielle Stark, Director Card Programs Strategy & Marketing, they discuss the role of culture within development teams, what may be holding firms back, and how to balance engineering and design practices. Highlighting key milestones in building Discover’s Identity Theft Protection systems, this session will focus on how to keep development teams aimed at accelerating speed-to-value, particularly when collaborating remotely.

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