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Paul Carysforth & Clare Willetts

Putting the Human Back in Platforms

  • 05 June 2020
  • Connected Customer Experience

COVID-19 has reminded us that ultimately, we don’t have customers, visitors, or users—we have human beings with needs and emotions.

If there is a new normal, then it’s a requirement to refocus on this human angle to create experiences that resonate across your digital platforms. For some, “thinking human” will be a big shift in mindset. “Thinking human” also requires a new set of tools to measure the effectiveness of our platforms in delivering experiences and how we can benchmark ourselves against the competition.

So where do you start? This half hour webinar will equip you with the tools you need to begin thinking human rather than customer.

Paul Carysforth, Data Intelligence Director at Kin + Carta Connect and Clare Willetts, Co-Founder at not only pink and blue, will talk about how customers are changing in surprising ways and introduce a new way of evaluating your platforms—a human index that actually calculates the emotional impact of your platforms. Take a step beyond the raw data and evolve to truly connect with customer needs now and in the future.

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Paul Carysforth, Data Intelligence Director at Kin + Carta Connect
Clare Willets, Founder, not only pink and blue and Ex-Head of Customer Experience at Virgin
Claire Robinson, Customer Experience Director at Kin + Carta Connect

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