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Monzo and Kin + Carta

Making Diversity Intentional, Tangible and Measurable

Embodying DEI, or Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, in your culture is more important than ever. It's rarely built into the foundation of the organisation -- generally it's only paid lip service by leaders or driven solely by the marginalised themselves in a grassroots effort. DEI is far more effective when embraced and embedded in the organisation's policies and practiced at all layers of leadership.

In this session, Meri Williams, CTO at Healx and Corey Latislaw, Technical Leader at Kin + Carta, explore how you can build or retrofit your culture to have a DEI foundation and ensure that everyone is valued fairly and has compelling options to build their careers. You will walk away with practical tools to ensure DEI is central to all that you do instead of a bolt on or an afterthought.

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