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Commonwealth Financial Network


Commonwealth Brand Studio

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Commonwealth Financial Network needed to provide digital marketing services to empower more than 2,000 independent financial advisors nationwide. They accomplished this by working with Kin + Carta to create a marketing hub using Microsoft Azure. 

Commonwealth Financial Network (CFN) is an investment advisory service that supports more than 2,000 independent financial advisers and financial planners with a range of services to help grow their practices. One of these services offers marketing resources. To provide the most current marketing capabilities, leaders recognized that a significant upgrade was needed. They turned to Kin + Carta for the needed expertise.

The Strategy & Solution

In partnership with CFN, Kin + Carta identified the key goal for the new marketing resource: Create a single unified portal making the best use of modern technology.

The team rolled out Microsoft Azure Brand Studio. As this was the first application launched in Azure by CFN, the company relied heavily on guidance from Kin + Carta.

The Technology

The team used Azure Application Gateway with a Web Application Firewall for security and pathing. The content was deployed on a static website for cost optimization, and Azure App Services running GraphQL allows the site to scale. Azure SQL is the data store and Azure Key Vault keeps the secrets secure. In addition, the team built a robust CI/CD pipeline on Azure DevOps that deploys all the way to production. It can also automatically pick up and deploy changes that are made through CFN’s Content Management System.


The Outcome

Kin + Carta leveraged Contentful’s intuitive UI and flexible structured content to allow CNF’s non-technical marketing team to easily update content, create new pages on their offerings, and enrich the user experience of their marketing hub for advisors.

CFN also worked with Distribion, a marketing automation tool that reduces the complexity of managing the company’s brand, delivers content and executes campaigns through the new portal. In terms of an ongoing operation, CFN did not have to rely on developers or an IT team to manage the online portal.

Overall, Kin + Carta made it easy for agents and advisors to learn and use the unified portal, helping them improve marketing productivity and results.

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