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At Kin + Carta Create we believe growth is built, not theorised.

Front-end Developer

at Kin + Carta Connect

Location: Manchester

Level: Mid-Level

Type: Permanent

About Kin + Carta Create 

At Kin + Carta we believe growth is built, not theorised. We’re makers, builders and creators by nature, and we come to work every day to build experiences your customers will love and technologies your business will thrive on.

Our approach is simple: Accelerate idea-to-value by striking the ideal balance of human-centred design, Agile engineering and the realities of affecting change at scale. Including new product development, service design and cloud modernisation, we take a hands-on approach to transforming our clients’ business. We’re headquartered in London and have delivery offices in Chicago, New York, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires.

Location can flexible within the UK, ideally commutable to London, Edinburgh. Manchester or Liverpool.

The Front-end Developer role in a nutshell:

As a front end developer you will be responsible for delivering fully responsive UI’s, with an eye for detail, a keen understanding of the considerations for design systems, accessibility and performance and the ability to work in a cross discipline team.

Our projects are typically Web based, using various Digital Experience Platform technologies such as CMS, DAM all glued together with various Cloud services .

We prefer Agile-inspired delivery, either based around DSDM, Scrum or Kanban methods. We are an agency, so expect pace and various challenges along the way.

As an Front-end Developer at Kin + Carta:

  • You’ve been working on web deliveries that function cross device and browser with an eye for implementing designs and understanding the constraints of devices and the browser.
  • You have a strong understanding of semantic markup and it’s importance.
  • You have proven delivery in scalable CSS with SASS for responsive websites.
  • You know native javascript, though still primarily use libraries to assist development.
  • You have used javascript MV* frameworks such as React or Vue.
  • You have exposure to build tooling such as gulp, grunt and webpack.
  • You are aware of requirements not immediately obvious - e.g. accessibility, mobile interactions, analytics, social sharing
  • You have worked with Jira and git.
  • You support the values and reputation of the company in all actions and communications.
  • You provide realistic estimates for new work.
  • You maintain a professional attitude.
  • You listen to and engage in discussions within the team, other parts of the business and with clients, respectfully and articulately.
  • You share resources and articles that may be of interest to others in the team.
  • You stay abreast of trends and developments within the industry.

Kin + Carta Connect benefits

Hard work deserves big rewards. Joining us means you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits aimed at mind, body, spirit and enhancing your career.
Continuous Learning Continuous Learning
Women Leadership Program Women’s leader programme
Free Breakfast Free breakfast Fridays
Affordable gym Affordable gym membership
Yoga Regular yoga sessions
Promotion Promotion opportunities
Private Healthcare Discounted private healthcare
Coffe and fruit Coffee and fruit on tap

Kin + Carta believes in creating a culture where diversity, is just a part of who we are. We empower every individual to share what matters to them, creating a culture where every person is treated as a valued member!

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