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Pharmacist checking the technology of his order picking machine

Pharma Ecosystem Growth Trends

Health Investor Report

Doing more, faster, better

The healthcare landscape has been changing at speed the past decade. Increasingly digital-savvy consumers. A growing need across an ageing demographic. Dramatically improved technologies and access to services. These changes are not trends that come and go: they are only accelerating, resulting in demand for digital solutions, treatments and care services.

Add to this dramatically increased competition in drug markets, which has opened up a need for support services to optimise the entire drug development process. Doing more, faster, better is the name of the game. Dive into these trends and insight into areas of growth and key opportunities for investment here.

Key Takeaways

Discover the push and pull factors that are shaping market dynamics and opening up opportunities for growth

Note the upcoming focus areas for Pharma investment and expansion

Understand why specific technological innovations will be integral to accelerating value across the pharma ecosystem

Explore how the shifting regulatory environment can be more effectively considered and managed

As pressure on improving drug development heats up, data, digital and technological innovations are critical to delivering desired business and patient outcomes.

Dr Pamela Walker - Global Head of Health, Kin + Carta
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Pharma Ecosystem Growth Trends

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