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Brand Resilience Index 2020

Who’s built to survive these changing times?

2020 has shown us that everything can change overnight. Covid-19 isn't the first crisis businesses have faced and it won’t be the last. 

Whether it’s the collective strength of our communities or the technology our businesses are built on, the ability to quickly recover from unpredictable change will define the next generation of progress.

So what are the factors that make up resilience, and how can we collectively learn to prepare for what next comes over the horizon? 

To help answer some of the tough questions, we've launched The Kin + Carta Brand Resilience Index 2020. Using publicly available data from European companies combined with our expert analysis, we explore the factors that enable brands to survive, and thrive through these times of rapid change.

This is an Index about the European businesses best placed to deal with the future because of their ability to change quickly, embrace digital and stay connected to their customers. We can all learn from what they do and how they do it.

Claire Robinson - Customer Experience Director, Kin + Carta

Learn more about resilience

Definitive? No. Fascinating and an opportunity to learn from the best practice of others? Definitely. Download now and discover the best ways to deal with inevitable change.

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Here are just three of the things you’ll learn:


The four key markers that make up business resilience


Best practices brands are putting in place to future proof their business


How you can best prepare for inevitable change

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Explore the factors that make up business resilience and enable brands to survive, and thrive through these times of rapid change.

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