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CIO Roundtable Event

Upskill, retain, and attract top IT talent

08 April 2021

4:30-6:00 PM CT


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Leaders, processes, and skills need to change.

U.S. companies’ need for tech talent continues to rapidly outpace the available supply. With the IT unemployment rate at 4.4%, below half that of the national unemployment rate, it's becoming increasingly more important than ever to look inward rather than outward for attracting and retaining the limited talent available.

Many digital transformation projects fail because leaders do not have the proper strategies in place to support their staff or are still leading and operating in the same legacy manner.

Leaders must transform their behaviors to create a culture that will attract IT talent and provide their team with a path to close skill gaps making future projects not only attainable but sustainable.

Discussion Highlights

In this discussion, host Mark Ardito will sit down with Gretchen Goodrich, Kin + Carta's Director of Cloud Modernization Delivery, to discuss how modernization enablement can help firms achieve faster releases, upskill individuals, and promote organization-wide buy-in and retention. Together, they'll answer your questions and have an intimate conversation about:

  • Transforming leadership to create a culture that will attract IT talent
  • Bridge-building between business agility and technical agility
  • How to promote change within your business to support a modernized delivery structure
  • How to build an enablement plan into your digital strategy
  • The short and long-term benefits of upskilling teams for the business, current projects, and staff

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