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Designing with Empathy


Inclusive design

You might have already heard about Inclusive Design. It’s a way of removing the walls that stop people from taking a full part in everyday activities.  

At Kin + Carta Connect we embrace this ethos and talk about Designing with Empathy for everyone that could possibly interact with your digital services at some point in their lives.

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Why it matters to your business

It’s simple. Your business could be putting up a barrier to a huge potential market. A lack of accessibility could also prove damaging to your brand. You could also be alienating current and future talented colleagues who see you as an employer that doesn’t care about their needs. 

A recent Forrester report states that 47% of millennials – soon to be the largest group in the workforce – consider diversity and inclusion a key decision maker in their choices to apply for a role.

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At Kin + Carta Connect we believe in access for all, and the way we can achieve this is Designing with Empathy.

Designing with Empathy is the answer

Designing with Empathy is about understanding your customers even if you don't live their lives. Of course, we can’t live everyone's experience, but we can watch, learn and listen to those people that have. This understanding then leads to digital products and services that as many people as possible can use. 

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At Kin + Carta we’re leaders in Designing with Empathy 

Access for all matters deeply to us and is at the forefront of our minds when we start any project. We use our expertise in this area to help our client meet the challenges and take the opportunities that Designing with Empathy creates. From the words and images you choose to your UX journeys and online videos, we can help you get it right.

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Find out more about the issues around accessibility and what we can do about them using the various resources we’ve created.

Designing With Empathy: Why Are You Ignoring 20% Of Your Audience?

Join passionate advocate of Inclusive Design, Kevin Mar-Molinero, and Charlie Woodhead, Accessibility and Inclusion Manager at LNER, to discuss the issues and opportunities surrounding designing with empathy.

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Designing with empathy: the cost of human exclusion

Every one of us is susceptible to impairment. This isn't 'their' problem. This is our problem. In this article, originally published in Campaign, our Managing Director Richard Neish makes the case for accessibility and inclusive design.

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5 considerations for a successful inclusive solution

Thinking inclusive is more than just being accessible. Take a look at our top five considerations when bringing inclusive thinking into your practise or organisation from our expert James Fox.

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Discover how to get started on your Designing with Empathy journey, or strategies to accelerate your existing inclusive approach

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