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Data Driven Optimisation

Continual refinement of your digital estate is key to keeping your customers happy

Your digital platform is like a house or car. Without regular care and maintenance it can soon fall into disrepair. The market-leading, bells and whistles experience you invested so much money in is no longer meeting the needs of your ever changing audience and you have data to show that change needs to happen.

A complete overhaul is not always possible, nor is it necessary. At Kin + Carta, we believe that you can achieve your goals by understanding your current customer journey, identifying visitor needs and then optimising the experience you currently have.

The Kin + Carta Optimisation method

At Kin + Carta, we have developed a Data Driven Optimisation methodology that gives you a clear understanding of what’s happening on your digital estate. Blending together core business expertise, Data Driven Optimisation quickly identifies and validates hypotheses that lead to improved business performance and customer satisfaction. It’s one of the most cost efficient methods to improve performance of KPIs, and enhancements can be created and validated in as little as three months.

Our approach

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Start optimising today. Read our mini guide on Data Driven Optimisation for practical tips and quick wins when it comes to improving your user experience.

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Clients who have benefited from our Data Driven Optimisation approach

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What you can expect from Kin + Carta?

What is Data Driven Optimisation? Increased longevity ➕ Iterative improvements over time account for new customer expectations and changes in behaviour.  Improved customer journeys ➕ Understand motivations and needs across all users allows us to prioritise what’s driving your revenue.  Deeper understanding ➕ Best in class Voice of the Customer  feedback and user testing technologies really get under the skin of your customers.  Smarter marketing spend ➕ Uncover the biggest opportunities for improvement using a variety of research methods so you can formulate strategic roadmaps grounded in ROI.  The right mix of expertise ➕ Success will be limited without improvements to your platform in areas such as Site Speed. That’s why our specialisms work in tandem..

Lexus case study

For Lexus we implemented an innovative European wide Data Driven Optimisation (DDO) programme. By setting out clear goals for the programme from the outset and embedding the use of Quantitative and Qualitative research to drive Hypotheses we have seen the programme grow year on year, with more and more European markets coming onboard. Lexus now have a true Optimisation culture which was born out of the Data Driven Optimisation methodology.

49% Increase in test drive leads
150% Improved dealer finder form
4.7/5 Customer satisfaction score for test drive and brochure request

Kin + Carta’s work has exemplified our ‘Kaizen’ approach to continuous improvement. Using data and A/B testing, the incremental changes made, whether big or small, have always added up to real enhancements to the user experience, and profitable results for our business.

Christophe Meulemans - Manager, Lexus Brand & Marketing Communication, Lexus

The Kin + Carta promise

1. We will only show you data that matters

We always keep people at the centre, sifting through the numbers and only present the things that lead to actionable insight.

2. We will build a team that works for you

We can scale our service to meet your needs, ranging from consultants to a hands on delivery team.

3. We'll put you in control

We can set you up with tools and ways of working then step away so you can continue making an impact on your digital estate.

Work with Kin and Carta to address your challenges

Get in touch with us now and you could be seeing quick results through our 12 week programme that focuses on specific business needs in a short amount of time. And download our mini guide above for more actionable insights.

Download our mini guide

Start optimising today. Read our mini guide on Data Driven Optimisation for practical tips and quick wins when it comes to improving your user experience.
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