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Sitecore cloud migration

What's not to like?

By migrating to the cloud you can take advantage of Sitecore’s subscription licence. The principle is simple. You pay for the resources you need when you need them. Working with the Sitecore licensing team, you can find the level of investment that’s right for your business.

Scale up or down depending on demand. Sitecore’s distributed architecture means that you can focus resources exactly where needed. On a high traffic day such as black Friday, scale up your delivery servers. When things are quiet, scale them down.

Migrating to the cloud

If you are currently on a Sitecore perpetual licence, then now is the time to consider migrating to the cloud. We can help review your current implementation and plan a roadmap of how best to achieve the migration.

Moving to the cloud isn't a flick of a switch and it will require you to be on the latest version of Sitecore. There are a number of elements to consider in the migration, but it could also be an opportunity to improve or clean up legacy issues with the platform.

Moving to the cloud might seem a little daunting but we’ve done this many times before and can make the process painless and fast. The ability to flex your resources to meet demand and pay less during the quieter times makes it a decision that will provide benefits for many years to come.

Steve Shaw - Technical Director, Kin + Carta Connect

Always on

Cloud services help mitigate the irregular demands of your website by allowing you to manually adjust resources as and when needed. You can also use automated scaling rules to identify the perfect time to adjust resources.

A Sitecore subscription offers a cost-effective way to add more resources so that your website stays online and serving customers. But it also ensures you are licensed appropriately to avoid unnecessary costs.

Security and resilience built in

Cloud services have been developed with a secure-by-default approach meaning you gain multiple levels of security protection built-in across the platform. Resilience and disaster recovery can often be added through a few clicks by adding in additional instances or replication across global infrastructures.

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Our range of services helps to provide businesses with access to Sitecore specialists throughout the platform life-cycle, from new platform builds, optimising existing installations through to ongoing support and maintenance.
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Platform assessment

Having confidence that your implementation is running as best it can is essential to delivering results. Our platform assessment for Sitecore can provide you insight on what to optimise and find opportunities to improve. Our comprehensive checklist ensures that the platform is reviewed from infrastructure to code, right the way through to content authoring and operation considerations.

Our Sitecore platform assessment

Support and Maintenance

Evolving and improving Sitecore is essential to protect your investment in the platform. Managed Experiences provides a team of specialists ready to help fix bugs, upgrade the platform, support your content process or just ensure that your site is running. Each agreement is unique and built around your business needs.

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Content archiving

Retiring a platform raises questions about what to do with the content and data that is stored within. Our content archiving service allows content to be stored offline, saving time and money.

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